Ashridge Centre for Coaching

The Ashridge Centre for Coaching (ACC) works in partnership with leading academics and practitioners to conduct research in coaching outcomes and practice.

About ACC

The Ashridge Centre for Coaching (ACC) is an internationally recognised centre of excellence in the field of executive coaching. We work in partnership with leading academics and practitioners, and offer research fellowships to visiting researchers.

The centre focuses on relational coaching and consulting for organisational change. Its research and standards feed into the Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching as well as the Ashridge Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Supervision.


Ashridge also offers the opportunity to become an accredited coach. The Ashridge accreditation process involves an assessment of an individual's knowledge, skills, understanding and experience of coaching, to ensure that individuals involved in coaching - whether as a formal relationship or in a different context - are capable of working in this way. Find out more about becoming an accredited coach.

The centre hosts an annual summer research conference on the themes of relational coaching and coaching supervision. For more details, see our news and event section below, or refer to the events page.

Ashridge centre for Coaching

The ACC team

The centre is led by its Director, Erik de Haan, and is supported by a number of specialist faculty, consultants and executive coaches, all expert practitioners within their field.

Ashridge faculty and associate researchers work together with leading academic and practitioners on a range of coaching projects.






Ashridge Centre for Coaching

Projects and publications

The centre has an enviable publications record. We have published a minimum of ten research articles per year in recognised journals, and a book every other year.

From November 2011 - 2016 Ashridge conducted the ‘greatest’ coaching outcome study to date, with over four thousand coaches, clients and their sponsors participating. The peer-reviewed paper was published in the Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research 68.3, pages 189-207, under the title A large-scale study of executive coaching outcome: the relative contributions of working relationship, personality match, and self-efficacy (authored by De Haan, E., Grant, A., Burger, Y., & Eriksson, P.-O.).

Our most recent book (the second edition was published in 2016) is Behind Closed Doors: stories from the Coaching room. This book provides a unique insight into the world of coaching, and what happens 'inside' coaching relationships. Essential reading for coaches, HR professionals and purchasers of coaching. Other book titles include:

The Leadership Shadow draws on insights from psychiatry and psychotherapy to reveal how derailment occurs and how to avoid downfalls.

Search the full list of our coaching publications using the publications database.

Ashridge Centre for Coaching events

News and events

The Centre for Coaching hosts a range of events, conferences and workshops each year.

On 13 June 2016, the centre welcomed Lord David Owen as keynote speaker for the 4th Relational Coaching Conference. Read the blog about this event.

We are also launching our re-designed Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Supervision in February 2017.  Moreover, we are proud to be welcoming our second cohort of the Team Coaching for Consultants Open Programme. It is a highly interactive programme introducing new ways of thinking about teams and groups and their development, underpinned by a relational orientation to team coaching.

For more information on coaching and other events, please check our events page.

Recent Coaching Research:

Coaching Outcome Research: as far as we know, this is the largest study to date examining factors that impact coaching outcomes from the perspective of coaches, clients and sponsors. A number of articles are currently under peer review.

Critical Moments in Coaching: the centre has been engaged in researching critical moments in coaching since 2002, providing us with rich insights into the fabric of real coaching conversations.

Psychometric tools for coaches: over the years, we have developed a number of psychometrics tools for coaches and consultants.