Ashridge Research Centres

Ashridge research centres work with clients, practitioners and professionals to develop expertise that underpins our programmes and is disseminated through our publications.

Action Research

Ashridge Centre for Action Research


The Ashridge Centre for Action Research (ACAR) was established in 2010 to create a practitioner-centred focus for action research and inquiry.

Action research projects are typically collaborative, combining both research and organisational development, with one type of intervention frequently leading to the other. The centre regularly partners with other Ashridge research centres and external clients.

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Ashridge centre for business and sustainability

Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability


The Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability (ACBAS) supports the development of thought leadership in the areas of leadership, strategy and change, to discover how ideas and practice are changing.

ACBAS conducts research into the implications of sustainable development for leadership, strategy and change in organisations.

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Ashridge Centre for Coaching


The Ashridge Centre for Coaching (ACC) works in partnership with leading academics and practitioners to conduct research into coaching outcomes and practice.

The centre’s work is widely published and its research and standards inform the Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching and the Ashridge Postgraduate Certification in Advanced Coaching and Organisation Development.

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Ashridge leadership Centre

Ashridge Leadership Centre


The Ashridge Leadership Centre (ALC) is an academic research unit with a focus on acting as a catalyst for creative thinking, dialogue, research and writing about leadership.

The aim of the ALC is to generate new insights and thinking about leadership, through practical and applied research, that will benefit leaders today and in the future.

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Ashridge Strategic management Centre

Ashridge Strategic Management Centre


The Ashridge Strategic Management Centre (ASMC) is a widely recognised authority on strategic management issues within large companies.

Directors of the centre previously worked as senior consultants at top strategy consultancies, such as McKinsey and The Boston Consulting Group (see the ASMC Team). The centre has an active membership programme.

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Research in executive development

Centre for Research in Executive Development


The Centre for Research in Executive Development (CRED) is a multi-disciplinary research centre that aims to improve the practice of leadership development by researching the processes important to adult learning. Research from CRED is published in academic and practitioner publications. It also feeds directly into programme design, classroom experiences, and Ashridge’s consulting work.

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