The Wake up Call

The importance of sleep in organizational life

This study builds on previous Ashridge research to investigate the impact of the quality, quantity and pattern of sleep on the physical health, business and personal lives of managers. Whilst there is a large body of research focusing on the impact of sleep in clinical populations, this research breaks new ground in focusing attention on a specific (managerial) population. 

The study, completed by over 1000 participants, focused on the following:

  1. How does sleep loss impact aspects of the lives of working professionals
    • work performance
    • physical health
    • social and emotional life?
  2. Do sleep quantity and quality change with age?
  3. How does sleep loss affect senior managers specifically


The findings from the research highlight a corporate culture of sleeplessness, in which a 24/7, globally networked and tehcnologically connected business culture appears to be contributing to a sleep-deprived workforce. Participants in this research report a range of effects from sleep-loss that range from an inability to remain focused in meetings, to slower reaction times, and a decrease in self-motivation and the ability to motivate others, as well as a number of physical health related symptoms.

This report is a call to action, providing an opportunity for organizations to understand the ways in which sleep loss impacts employees.

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