Strategy for the Corporate Level

Almost all companies need a strategy at the corporate level that is in addition to the strategy for individual products or markets or business divisions. Corporate Level Strategy has been a core theme for the Ashridge Strategic Management Centre since it was founded in 1989 and we have published extensively on the subject. The Centre is well known for its approaches to corporate “parenting”. The output of this project is a book, Strategy for The Corporate Level, by Andrew Campbell, Jo Whitehead, Marcus Alexander and Michael Goold, Jossey-Bass 2014, that updates and extends the thinking in our earlier book Corporate Level Strategy, John Wiley 1994. 

Strategy for the Corporate Level pulls together 25 years of the Centre’s quantitative, case study and action research into corporate strategy issues. It provides practical guidance for managers, with illustrative case studies, on:

  1. What businesses or markets should a company invest in, including decisions about diversifying into adjacent activities, about selling businesses, about entering new geographies or markets and about how much money to commit to each area of business
  2. How should the group of businesses be managed, including how to structure the organisation into divisions or units or subsidiaries, how to guide each division, how to manage the links and synergies between divisions, what activities to centralise or decentralise and how to select and guide the managers of these divisions