Seeing is Believing: Catalysts for Responsible Business Leadership

Developing Responsible Business Leaders: Insights from 24 years of the Prince's Seeing is Believing Programme


This research, conducted by Ashridge Business School and Business in the Community, investigated the factors that accounted for why some business leaders put creating value for wider society at the heart of their work while others don’t, and considers what it is that we need in order to get more of the right kind of business leaders.

The research suggests that getting the right combination of different kinds of life experiences is key to ending up with the ‘right’ kind of business leaders. While everyone’s journey is different, the key themes emerging again and again in the life histories of progressive business leaders are:

  • First hand experiences of pressing challenges in society and personal relationships with people experiencing them
  • Exposure to influential role models working successfully to address these challenges
  • Inspirational support to help relate these experiences back to the world of business
  • Working with a peer-group and support network of like-minded business leaders

For many progressive business leaders, these elements in their life stories have come together by chance. For others, it has come through participation in the Prince’s Seeing is Believing programme, a pioneering experiential leadership development programme which for 24 years has combined all these elements in its design.

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