Risk Research

The main objective of this project was to better understand how senior managers think about and work with risk. The research focused on a range of senior managers from a broad spectrum of sectors and countries, to develop a broad understanding of how managers think about and work with risk.

The research aimed to provide clarity for managers around good and bad practice, to explore cultural differences and the impact these may have when working internationally, and to offer evidence based advice that recognises the complexity of risk for managers. The findings focus in particular on:

  • How individuals think about risk (in principle)
  • How individuals work with risk (in practice)
  • Stories of working with risk (good and bad)
  • What would 'better' look like in terms of thinking about and working with risk
  • The approach of organisations to risk: their approach, effectiveness, efficiency, processes, policies, structures and frameworks.

This project is now complete - download the executive summary here.

To receive a copy of the full report, please contact the research office