Mobile Learning

How mobile technologies are changing the executive learning landscape

Executive education has evolved considerably over the last 50 years and the industry is now faced with a series of significant trends that offer the potential to create dramatic new opportunities for effective learning.

This research, completed in 2011, reveals that most business schools across the globe have untapped opportunities to provide innovative executive education programmes enabled by mobile technology.

The UNICON (International University Consortium for Executive Education) report, ‘Going mobile in executive education,’ analyses the potential impact of mobile technologies on the executive education learning landscape around the world. The report looks at mobile learning, and how portable technologies - smartphones, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), handheld computers and personal media players - can support and extend the reach of teaching and learning.

The report finds that some learning providers are embracing mobile learning and developing new approaches to learning. While the research highlights examples of innovative applications of mobile learning in business schools, universities and the private sector around the globe, it concludes that more executive education providers could be maximising the vast potential of mobile devices for learning. Many providers are yet to exploit the true potential of mobile devices for learning, despite them being tools that most senior executives bring with them to the classroom.

In short, business schools must continue to innovate if they are to continue to meet the needs of employers and senior executives. The global nature of businesses and the growing capabilities of powerful mobile devices mean that adopting new technologies in learning is essential to continuing to attract clients in the competitive executive education market.

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