Holistic Value Management

Value creation is the primary stated goal of most companies but many companies struggle to put this aspiration into practice. Some are unsure how to define value creation and worry that it will lead to short-termism, others have other explicit or implicit goals that are at odds with creating value, some do not know how to align their internal management processes to create the focus on value creation that they desire, others are clear about their objective but get derailed along the way.

The research underway includes quantitative research into the value creation of a cross section of UK public companies, examining on a broad basis the differences in CEO focus and behaviour that may separate out the winners from the losers. The project is also developing a number of rich case studies, providing a more detailed view for a more limited set of firms of the steps taken by CEOs that are explicitly managing for long term fundamental value creation. And, of course, how this differs from those that are not, or who do not succeed.

The project is led by Neil Monnery and benefits from his decade long experience successfully working as part of a team at WHSmith Plc, a company that created exceptional value for shareholders in a particularly difficult market environment. One in which several key business competitors were driven into bankruptcy.