The Organisational and Personal Impact of GenerationQ

GenerationQ is a leadership and quality improvement programme funded by the Health Foundation, designed for senior leaders working in and with the health service.

The Health Foundation have funded 6 cohorts of GenerationQ, with key objectives of creating:

  • Skilled and effective leaders for quality improvement in health
  • Leaders who have the skills to enhance their health organisation's capability for quality improvement. 

This research represents the first evaluation of the long term impact of the report; the survey (carried out in August 2015) looked systematically at:

  • The organisational impact of Fellows: what have they done to improve patient quality in their organisations and health systems as a result of their participant in the programme?
  • The personal impact of GeneratioQ on Fellows as individuals; what knowledge, skills and awareness and motivational shifts have occurred as a result of being part of GenerationQ?
  • Fellows' assessment now, on the usefulness of all aspects of the curriculum and key design elements in order to help identify which aspects of the programme made the difference. 
  • Views were also sought on potential new dimensions to a refreshed programme, were the Board to decide to continue funding further cohorts. 

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