From Grit to Pearl: Enhancing the role and influence of the Learning and Development Professional

From Grit to Pearl research report cover imageThe research explores the challenges faced by L&D practitioners in establishing themselves as strategic partners and exerting real influence within their organisations. Through interviews with Heads of L&D, HR Managers and senior operational managers from B&Q, Siemens and AXA Australia, the research considers how the profession can tackle and overcome some of these challenges and position themselves as influential strategic partners.

The research suggests that key to this shift is an ability to become expert in three critical domains:

  • The ‘grit’ – the trusted advisor who irritates and challenges the organisation
  • The learning expert – the specialist who understands how individuals learn and change their behaviour
  • The organisation development expert – able to translate individual change at a systemic, organisational level

This expertise will enable the L&D professional to develop an understanding of the needs of the business, align their activities with organisational strategy, and ensure they develop interventions which will impact on critical organisational outcomes. This in turn will develop their credibility, encourage engagement of senior management in their activities and facilitate the continuing development of influential relationships with critical stakeholders within the business.

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