Connecting with Business Partners

This research focuses on how to design business ownership, contracts and relationships with business partners (including important employee groups), so as to motivate partners to make the maximum contribution to your objectives.

  • Strategies for managing suppliers when you can't specify what you want in advance
  • Strategies for managing business functions that are hard to control
  • Strategies for getting what you want when there is no market or no competition to provide it
  • How new forms of owenership and contracts can help you create and capture more business value: Venture capital and private equity, Franchises, Alliances with pain and gain, Public private partnerships, Open Source business foundation, Asset locks, etc.

The objective of this research is to show how best to set up ownership, contracts and other working agreements to motivate employees and other business partners to do what you want.

Target audience: Investors, senior managers in private and public sectors.

Planned research: Interviews and case studies with organisation in USA and Europe using innovative forms of ownership and contracts as part of their business strategy.