Coaching Tools and Psychometrics

In recent years, the Ashridge Centre for Coaching has researched and developed a number of tools designed to aid coaches in their work:

The Coaching Behaviours Questionnaire© Ashridge (designed by Richard Phillips and Erik de Haan).

Within the coach role as measured by the broader Consulting Roles Inventory, we distinguish six broad categories of possible intervention (following John Heron in his book Helping the Client, 1975). This questionnaire will help you to determine your own coaching behaviour profile in terms of these interventions.

Alongside this, we also offer a separate 'manager' questionnaire for coaching as a leadership style, and  360 degree feedback questionnaires. 

The Consulting Roles Inventory© Ashridge (designed by Erik de Haan).

This questionnaire that looks into the different contributions made by change agents and consultants  from expert consulting to coaching. Here you can compare your own practice as an agent of change, transformation and learning with that of 150 other consultants.

With the help of a simple model, you will be mapped on a spectrum of four consulting roles. You will receive your own consulting profile (compared with our norm group) and a booklet that explains the model and the roles that we distinguish.


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