Ashridge Management Index

The Ashridge Management Index (AMI) is a periodic survey of the views and attitudes of leaders, first launched in 1994.

The aim of the research is to examine the business environment and to better understand some of the key challenges and opportunities which exist for managers and leaders. The Index explores views and attitudes toward topics including:

  • management and organisational challenges
  • personal challenges
  • trust
  • organisational change
  • learning and development.

Ashridge Management Index 2012-2013

Over 1,100 managers from the private and public sector responded to the latest AMI survey. The report highlighted many positive findings but equally there were areas which gave cause for concern. Although businesses face tough economic times and unprecedented challenges, 84% of managers surveyed were upbeat and said their organisation was well placed to survive and to thrive post-recession. But whilst the leadership outlook was generally positive, the research also identifies worrying shortfalls in communications, succession planning, virtual working practices and trust.

With the on-going debate about levels of trust in politicians, bankers and in wider business since the economic downturn, the survey explored organisational trust for the first time. Trust is vital in business, but only just over half of respondents (55%) reported a strong culture of trust in their organisation. A key challenge for business is to build and regain public trust; businesses must ensure core operational strategies deliver the right approach in dealings with staff, customers and investors to develop values and standards that promote honesty and transparency.

The report includes in-depth interviews with a number of organisations on the issues of trust, values, change and motivation. Company case studies include

  • The Royal Opera House (organisational trust)
  • Newey and Eyre, SABMiller (change)
  • Mencap and Jyske Bank (employee engagement and motivation)

Download a copy of the executive summary here.

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Earlier AMI research

This latest report builds upon earlier iterations of the AMI, including several iterations focused on the public sector:

For copies of earlier AMI findings, contact the research office. To talk to the lead researcher, contact