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Ashridge research aims to respond to the issues relevant to today’s leaders and organisations. Our research projects focus on developing knowledge and understanding that can be of practical benefit to hands-on managers.

We conduct research across a range of subject areas reflected in our two research challenges, Transforming Behaviour and Creating Disruption. Individual projects range from an exploration of coaching behaviours and outcomes, to the assessment of the UNGC LEAD initiative. Our research is often carried out in conjunction with partner organisations and our findings inform our teaching sessions and learning materials, as well as our written outputs such as our research reports, academic articles and other publications.

Some of our most recently completed projects are highlighted below:

Baby Boomers at Work
Generation Y: Overview and Background
The Wake up Call
The Mindful Leader: Research Findings
Speaking Truth to Power
Executive Coaching Research Overview
Designing the Corporate Strategy Function
Strategy and Uncertainty
(Re-) Designing Organizations Lessons from the field
Corporate Leadership on Modern Slavery
The Role of Sleep Trackers and Work-Supported Sleep Interventions in Improving Physical and Mental Health
Is Virtual learning the future of leadership development?
Why do dark personality traits impact leadership performance?


The full range of our research projects can be found below. Please use the search fields to look for specific projects or subject areas, or scroll through the pages to view the full scope of our work:

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The Role of Sleep Trackers and Work-Supported Sleep Interventions in Improving Physical and Mental Health

Vicki Culpin

  Introduction Busy professionals experience many pressures that impede their ability to obtain optimal amounts of sleep. Working according to shift patterns, working across differen...

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(Re-) Designing Organizations Lessons from the field

Dev Mookherjee

About this research Aims: Our research aimed to find out about the lived experience of organizations that had gone through a re-design process. However helpful theory can be, our own experie...

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A Programme of Action Research in Projects Leadership (ARPL)

Sue Pritchard

The Context The Rt Hon Francis Maude says: “90% of Government policy is now delivered through projects.” However, for all the investment in world class project management research ...

Leadership, Strategy

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Artful Organisation: Re-imagining Organisations

Chris Seeley

This research focused on the question of how organisations can cultivate artful and creative ways to help reimagine their role, their relationships and themselves for a more sustainable future. ...

Leadership, Sustainability, Change, Personal development, Action Research

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Ashridge Health and Wellbeing connection

Danny Chesterman

This is an action research project designed to engage with between 6 and 10 local NHS sites to engage in the better integration of health and social care on issues of health and wellbeing and to...

Leadership, Sustainability, Change

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Ashridge Management Index

Viki Holton

The Ashridge Management Index (AMI) is a periodic survey of the views and attitudes of leaders, first launched in 1994. The aim of the research is to examine the business environment and to be...

Leadership, General management, Human Resource Management/Organisational Behaviour

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