Current research

Ashridge research projects are driven by the needs of organisations and their leaders. We work closely with clients and partners to ensure that our research agenda remains both current and relevant to business today.

Our projects cover a wide range of topics from the Transfer of Learning, to Sustainable Business. Research findings are used in our programmes and consultancy to ensure that clients benefit from the latest organisational research and learning design.

About Ashridge research

Ashridge works with a range of organisations and people to investigate topics that are relevant to leaders and organisations.

Our research encompasses many subjects. Current research projects include exploring how learning in the classroom transfers to the workplace, and investigating the resilience of individuals and teams working in conflict zones and other tough environments.

About current research


Research at Ashridge is more than an academic exercise. Our research into learning design and the transfer of learning feeds directly into programme designs. This helps ensure that participants and organisations get the most from their learning experiences. Ashridge’s coaching and action research allows us to work in partnership with clients, gaining mutual insights that both inform and support organisational development.

Research grounded in the realities of everyday leadership challenges is becoming increasingly important. This is because the business environment is growing ever more complex, and the demands on organisations and their leaders continues to increase. Ashridge works hard to ensure our research meets this need.

Current research projects

Current research projects

Current Ashridge research projects include projects conducted in collaboration with other organisations. We also work on internally commissioned work relevant to Ashridge’s ongoing mission to improve the practice of management.

We work on a range of projects, some of which are individually commissioned and others which build upon previous Ashridge research to increase our knowledge in specific subject areas or professional practice. 

Some of our research projects, such as the Ashridge Management Index (AMI) and Generation Y, have been running for a number of years and we are recognised as world-leaders in those areas.

To find out more about our areas of research, or to look for specific research projects, please use our projects database

research publications

Ashridge research publications

Ashridge’s research is published in management reports and peer reviewed articles. It is frequently featured in the media and informs the design and content of Ashridge’s education, qualification and consulting work.

You can access our latest research reports and over 3,000 other Ashridge authored publications via our Research Publications Database. The database includes a range of full text articles and reports, as well as references for many other Ashridge publications.

Ashridge also publishes a range of regular news updates featuring research, including: Ashridge Insight and 360°, The Ashridge Journal.

research centre

Ashridge research centres

Ashridge research centres work with clients, practitioners and professionals to develop expertise that underpins our programmes and is disseminated through our publications.

Ashridge has six research centres, each of which focuses on a specialist area of research or practice and is led by faculty recognised as expert in their field.

Ashridge research centres publish widely and their work informs a range of Ashridge activities including executive education, qualification programmes, coaching and consulting interventions, and organisational development.

For more information about the individual research centres, view our areas of expertise.


Ashridge offers a range of conferences, learning events, business briefings and other research based activities that are open to both general and invited audiences. Please visit our events page for details of forthcoming opportunities.

If you’d like to find out more about our research projects, are interested in partnering with Ashridge on a research project, or would like to take part in future Ashridge research, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!