Steve Marshall

BA (Hons), MBA, MSc, DProf

Steve Marshall specialises in helping clients develop communities to enable creative change and radical innovation as they work through both personal and organisational development. He is especially interested in how vision, imagery and dialogue can catalyse effective strategic thinking and resilient action. 

Steve began his career in London’s fashion and advertising industry before switching to a career as an RAF fighter pilot. During his military service he worked in front-line operations, flying training, policy, procurement and diplomacy before becoming an internal performance consultant on a tri-Service brief.  Before joining Ashridge, he left the military to set up his own consultancy practice and now works on a range of change qualifications, consultancy interventions and action research projects.  Clients include international companies such as Siemens, Ipsen, BAE Systems, Nokia, Swiss Re, BP and BT.

Steve’s academic qualifications include a BA(Hons) in Applied Photography, Film and TV from Middlesex University, an MBA with the Open University, and the Ashridge Masters in Organisation Consulting.  He also achieved his Doctorate in Organisation Consulting at Ashridge where he researched imagery, personal transformation and creative identity.

Steve Marshall


Photo-Dialogue: Creating the word-image that makes the difference

Marshall, S. (2014) 'Photo-Dialogue: Creating the word-image that makes the difference. In King, K., and Higgins, J. (eds) The Change Doctors: re-imagining organisational practice. United Kingdom, Libris Publishing