Sarah Beart

MBA, DProf

Sarah Beart is a Business Development Adjunct at Ashridge. She is deeply interested in how intuition and emotion can contribute to a richer understanding of leading, and of organisations and their dynamics. She enjoys helping clients with change, with developing their leadership and team capabilities, and in creating engaging and workable strategies that will bring about sustainable change for their businesses.

Sarah has designed and led formal management and leadership development programmes, worked as a coach to boards and senior teams, and enjoys facilitating project teams and action learning groups whether virtually or face-to-face. As well as being a long-standing accredited coach herself, she accredits Ashridge coaches. She teaches on the Ashridge Masters in Organisational Change, pioneering the introduction of virtual development methods into the programme.

Sarah has an MBA (with distinction), a Doctorate in organisational consulting, and is licensed to use a number of psychometric instruments.

Sarah Beart


Taking my body to work: embodiment in coaching and consulting practice

Beart, S. (2011) Taking my body to work: embodiment in coaching and consulting practice, doctoral thesis, Ashridge/Middlesex University

Embodied Intuition as Consulting Practice

Beart, S. (2008) Embodied Intuition as Consulting Practice, AMOC/ADOC conference

A Day in the life of Sarah Beart

Beart, S. (2007) A Day in the life of Sarah Beart, Converse, Issue 5, p. 9

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This guide provides an informative introduction into the role of the consultant and the consulting industry. It also examines consulting styles, providing consultancy to organisations, working with consultants and as a consultant, development as a consultant and starting a consulting business.

Beart, S. (2004) Consulting, Ashridge Learning Resource Centre Learning Guides.

Faces of Globalization

This book presents the latest thinking on the topic of globalisation. The focus is both on issues that arise within the internal workings of an organisation and on the pressures that come to bear from outside. Each chapter includes case examples, practical tips and hints.

Beart, S., dell'Anno, P., Khan, S., Poppleton, A. (2001) Faces of Globalization, chapter in (ed) P. Kirkbride, Globalization: The External Pressures, Wiley