Rebecca Homkes

MSc, PhD

Dr. Rebecca Homkes is a Director at the Ashridge Strategic Management Centre as well as a Fellow at the London Business School’s (LBS) Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and its Centre for Management Development, where she is co-directing a global initiative on executing strategy in turbulent markets.  Her research and consulting work primarily focuses on leading strategy execution in complex organisations; strategies for growth and scaling; and how organizations create and maintain shared context across virtually distributed networks.  She has written for publications such as the Harvard Business Review and Businessweek and has co-authored work featured in the Economist and Financial Times

Homkes is also a Fellow at the London School of Economics’ (LSE) Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), and directed the joint McKinsey & Co/ CEP Global Management Matters project since 2007. Her consultancy works with several multinational firms on strategy and execution as well as hyper-growth, including many Young Presidents Organization (YPO) companies, on developing and executing strategies for growth.  Homkes also leads the advisory board for  the  Silicon  Valley  Growth Syndicate,  an  investment  firm  focused  on  scaling consumer-facing technology companies.  A Marshall Scholar, she received her PhD and MSc from the LSE in International Political Economy and previously served as a fellow at the White House’s President’s Council of Economic Advisors and has worked in management and strategy consulting, including with Bain & Co.

Rebecca Homkes


Why Strategy Execution Unravels - and What to Do About It

Sull, D., Homkes, R., and Sull, C. (2015) Why Strateyg Execution Unravels - and What to Do About It. Harvard Business Review, March.