Michele Martin

BS, MS, doctoral student

Michele is a doctoral student at Ashridge in organisational change. Her action research focuses on creating and sustaining environments for human flourishing in organisations.

Michele works in Organisational Development and Communication in a variety of sectors in the USA and Europe. These include financial services at Barclays and HSBC; FMCGs in Nestle and Gillette; start-ups such as EasyGroup and Dialogos; and academia at the MIT Centre for Organisational Learning and Boston University. 

Michele has a Bachelor of Science in Business from Boston College Carroll School of Management, and a Master of Science in Organisational Communication from Boston University’s Graduate College of Communication.

Michele is a Founder and Trustee of Canary Wharf College, London, the first ‘Outstanding’ Free School in the UK, opened in 2011.  She is currently working on opening a secondary school in Tower Hamlets. Michele is a US and UK citizen who lives in London with her husband and two sons.



Michele Martin