Michaela Rebbeck


Michaela Rebbeck is a Business Development Adjunct at Ashridge.  Her coaching angle is one of finding exciting and creative avenues towards effective contemporary leadership. She is also experienced in the broadcast and print media sector, the nature of human creativity and communication.

Her current consulting work includes coaching with the aim to support individuals and executive teams in the context of organisational change and professional growth. Her recent assignments include the coaching of executive teams in a global oil company, working with senior leaders of a humanitarian organisation and working with the UK’s health research leaders on enabling their individual and collective leadership to achieve systemic change.

Before joining Ashridge, Michaela worked for an international coaching consultancy in London, a joint venture between a private consulting firm and the University of London where she worked as a coach to British diplomats and City financiers headed for foreign assignments.

Michaela is fluent in English, Czech and Russian, and has a knowledge of most European languages.

Michaela Rebbeck


Launched - Four Practice Groups

Whilst some people reading this issue may be discovering Ashidge Consulting for the first time, many Converse readers have worked with us for a number of years. Just as we have seen so many of our client organisations flourish and grow, we too have been developing and evolving as a business, in order to meet the changing needs of our clients. We would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date with the full range of activities that we now undertake. In particular, we want to share with you the way in which the structure and leadership of our consulting organisation have recently been redesigned to provide increased focus and clarity around our areas of expertise.

Smallwood, J., Rebbeck, M., Dickson, R. & Powell, M. (2007) Launched - Four Practice Groups, Converse, Issue 5, pp. 6 - 8

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Disciplined Imagination

Knight, A. & Rebbeck, M. (2002) Disciplined Imagination, Innovations, pp.45-48

Measures of Success

We all know that what you measure gets done. But what if you are measuring the wrong things and doing the wrong things as a result? Michaela Rebbeck talks to Alex Knight about operational measures that are helping companies to maximise their profits.

Rebbeck, M. & Knight, A. (2002) Measures of Success, Directions - The Ashridge Journal, Winter.

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Where Do You See Your Company in 5 Years Time?

The chances are that the only thing you can say with any certainty is that you intend to be around fighting to succeed in whatever business climate exists. How you get from here to there in good shape is anybody's guess. Ashridge Consulting deploys strategic scenarios in their work with organisations to explore possible business futures.

Rebbeck, M. (2002) Where Do You See Your Company in 5 Years Time?, Ashridge Consulting

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Global Consulting

Knight, A . & Rebbeck, M. (2001) 'Global Consulting' chapter in Consultancy: A Handbook for Practice, 2nd edition, Kogan Page

In Search of True Change

Alex Knight and Michaela Rebbeck of Ashridge Consulting talk to Dr Eliyahu Goldratt about his latest business novel ‘Necessary But Not Sufficient’ and his challenge to conventional business thinking.

Rebbeck, M. & Knight, A. (2001) In Search of True Change, Directions - The Ashridge Journal, Summer

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Bringing The Future Into The Present

Rebbeck, M. (2000) Bringing The Future Into The Present, Strategy & Scenario Planning , October/November

Learning to Ask Better Questions

Rebbeck, M. (2000) Learning to Ask Better Questions, Strategy & Scenario Planning , December

Scenarios on-line

Rebbeck, M. (2000) Scenarios on-line, London, November