Juani Swart

Ph.D (Knowledge Management), Chartered Organizational Psychologist, M.Comm. (Organizational Psychology) B.Comm (Hons) (Organisational Psychology).

Head of Group, Professor in Human Capital,
Director, Work and Employment Research Centre (WERC),
School of Management
University of Bath

Juani is a Professor in Human Capital Management and specializes in Knowledge management and the management of Knowledge workers. She is Head of the Organization Studies Group and Director of the Work and Employment research Centre (WERC) which has centres of expertise in knowledge, change and leadership. Her research is focused on the management of knowledge and knowledge workers, innovation and employee attitudes and behaviours. This research aims to understand the transfer of human capital into intellectual capital, thereby linking the intellectual capital, HRM and Performance debates.

Her teaching is focused on managing knowledge. At the MBA level she teaches People management and leads an MBA elective on Knowledge Leadership in a Global Economy where she works closely with the World Bank. Juani was Director of the MBA at Bath (2005-2007) where she established the External Advisory Group of Companies and led the re-design and re-launch of the suite of MBA programmes. As a Chartered Psychologist, Juani's executive development expertise is in the areas of strategic knowledge management, leadership styles, personal effectiveness in the context of people management and the management of professionals.

She has published widely in the area of people management in knowledge intensive firms, intellectual capital structures, innovation and knowledge sharing.

Juani Swart