Janet Smallwood

MA, MEng, MSc

Janet Smallwood is a Business Development Adjunct at Ashridge. Her work includes supporting significant organisational change projects, such as the design and facilitation of large group processes, the development of internal capability to lead and support change, facilitating action learning groups and individual coaching.

Janet's particular interest is in the art of dialogue and – using dialogue – to integrate the rational and emotional in strategy creation and change processes.

Her current passions concern the role that relationships play in influencing what can and cannot be done within organisations and the emerging nature of the 21st century organisational agenda. In particular, she is increasingly questioning what makes for a valuable organisational intervention and what drives the real motivation of managers.

Janet Smallwood


Pluralism: the art and science of making (practical) choices about change and improvement methods

Wiggins, L., Marshall, B. and Smallwood, J. (2016) Pluralism: the art and science of making (practical) choices about change and improvement methods. Peer reviewed conference paper at 10th International Behaviour in Healthcare Conference: Attaining, sustaining and spreading improvement: Art or Science? April 2016, Cardiff. 

GenerationQ: The organisational and Personal Impact of the Programme

Waller, L., Marshall, B., Smallwood, J. & Wiggins, L. (2015). GenerationQ: The Organisational and Personal Impact of the Programme. An Evaluation Report prepared for the Director of The Health Foundation.

Launched - Four Practice Groups

Whilst some people reading this issue may be discovering Ashidge Consulting for the first time, many Converse readers have worked with us for a number of years. Just as we have seen so many of our client organisations flourish and grow, we too have been developing and evolving as a business, in order to meet the changing needs of our clients. We would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date with the full range of activities that we now undertake. In particular, we want to share with you the way in which the structure and leadership of our consulting organisation have recently been redesigned to provide increased focus and clarity around our areas of expertise.

Smallwood, J., Rebbeck, M., Dickson, R. & Powell, M. (2007) Launched - Four Practice Groups, Converse, Issue 5, pp. 6 - 8

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Finding the Flow

Redefining control, acknowledging doubt and making ourselves available to the mass of opportunities that are permanently bubbling up in organisations. These are some of the perspectives that John Higgins and Janet Smallwood invite us to consider.

Smallwood, J. & Higgins, J. (1999) Finding the Flow, Directions - The Ashridge Journal, November

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