Ilze Zandvoort


Ilze Zandvoort is Director of MBA Operations at Ashridge and a member of Faculty. She designs and facilitates a variety of custom leadership development programmes, and runs large group events across Europe, Asia and Africa with multi-national companies. When working with groups or individuals Ilze combines a challenging and stimulating style – encouraging them to explore their assumptions and the paradigms within which they operate – with dedicated support to accompany them in experimenting with new ways of thinking and working.

Ilze's work focuses on the interface of strategy, leadership and culture. Her strengths lie in helping organisations to develop their talent pipeline to make future strategies happen and cultivate change and learning throughout their organisations.

Ilze is currently completing her Doctorate in Business Administration, for which her research focus is on the challenges faced by organisations around sense-making in complexity, subsequent decision-making, and also the role of middle management in complex organisations.

Ilze Zandvoort


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