Bill Critchley

MBA, MSc, Clinical Dip. in Psychotherapy, Dip. in Org.Consulting.

Bill’s area of expertise is in developing organisations’ capacity for change and innovation. His approach to change is informed by his practical business and organisation development experience and by recent work and research into the relevance of complexity perspectives to working with organisations. Much of Bill’s work is at various levels, working with large systems, small groups and individuals to clarify their purpose, to stimulate creative and constructive dialogue about current issues and to facilitate the process of change.

Bill’s recent work has included working with a FMCG organisation to enhance their capability in working with change; using Action Learning to develop leadership capability in the telecommunications and consulting industries; changing culture with an engineering organisation.


Bill is a Fellow of RSA, Member of UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy), a Member of GPTI (Gestalt Practitioners Trainers Institute) and a Member of EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council).

Bill Critchley


Sustainable Leadership: Perennial Philosophy

Critchley, B. & Casserley, T. (2010) Sustainable Leadership: Perennial Philosophy, People Management, August edition

Relational coaching: taking the coaching high road

Critchley, B. (2010) Relational coaching: taking the coaching high road, Journal of Management Development, Vol. 29, Issue 10, pp. 851 - 863

Organisational Consulting: A Relational Perspective

Six real case studies written by tutors or graduates of the Ashridge Masters in Organisation Consulting, accompanied by a commentary that provides a thorough exploration and explanation of the research and perspectives that are taught to the growing body of organisation consultants undertaking Ashridge's two-year Masters programme.

Critchley, B., King, K. & Higgins, J. (2007) Organisational Consulting: A Relational Perspective, London, Middlesex University Press, ISBN: 978 1 904750 14 7

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Consulting in Complexity

Critchley, B. (2007) Consulting in Complexity, British Academy of Mahagement Management Consultancy Special Interest Group, Manchester, February

Field Research into the Practice of Relational Consulting

Critchley, B. & Higgins, J. (eds) (2006) Field Research into the Practice of Relational Consulting, Ashridge.

Transformational Strategy: Myth or Reality?

An international three-year research study, backed by Ashridge Consulting and Groupe HEC in France, explodes many of the myths that surround modern management thinking about what makes leaders successful.

Critchley, B. & O'Brien, D. (2004) Transformational Strategy: Myth or Reality?, CriticalEYE REVIEW: The Journal of Europe's Centre for Business Leaders,, Dec. 2003 - Feb. 2004.

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Pause for Reflection

So far in this Masterclass series by Ashridge Consulting Ltd (ACL) we have examined the aims and characteristics of the effective coaching relationship. We have stressed the importance of building an effective working alliance with the client through building rapport and developing a mutual understanding in relation to goals and tasks. We have also examined some of the organisational key issues and areas of focus that are central to the coaches role. All these elements are vital and fundamental to the skills of facilitating change. In this article we shall outline an approach that goes beyond this to take a meta view of the coaching and its overall aim in facilitating change.

Sills, C. & Critchley, B. (2003) Pause for Reflection, Training Magazine, March.

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How the coach can innovate

The start of a new five-part series of Masterclass, by Ashridge Consulting on how to achieve best practice in coaching. In this third article of the series, Bill Critchley focuses on the organisational context of coaching

Critchley, B. (2003) How the coach can innovate, Training Magazine, March.

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The Role of the Change Agent

Critchley, B. (1998) The Role of the Change Agent, in Management Consultancy, sponsored by IMC, (ed) Philip Sadler, Kogan Page, London

A Gestalt Approach to Organisation Consulting

Critchley, B. (1996) A Gestalt Approach to Organisation Consulting in Developing Approaches to Organisation Consulting, Routledge

The Myth of Managing Change

Critchley, B. (1996) The Myth of Managing Change, Leadership & Organization Development Journal, Vol. 17 No. 2

Lighting up Networks

Critchley, B. & Shaw, P. (1994) Lighting up Networks, Leadership & Organization Development Journal

Managing Organisational Change - Is It Just an Illusion

Critchley, B. (1993) Managing Organisational Change - Is It Just an Illusion, Leadership & Organization Development Journal, Vol.14 (1)

Can Organisations Really Learn?

Critchley, B. (1992) Can Organisations Really Learn?, Directions - The Ashridge Journal , December

Organisations Get Stuck Too

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Second Thoughts on Team Building

Critchley, B. & Casey, D. (1984) Second Thoughts on Team Building, Mead