Alison Reynolds

BSc, PG Cert

Alison Reynolds is an experienced business leader and consultant in strategy execution and organisation/leadership development. Alison loves working with people and specialises in helping organisations develop the quality of interaction between their people to deliver value.

She has worked at all levels, from the front line to the Board, including developing tailored approaches to evaluate, track and strengthen the value delivered through executive education programmes. 

Alison has previously worked for Deloitte leading Change and Transformation teams and as a manager in UK Government, executing strategy in operational environments.

Alison brings fresh thinking and insights to build on established models and practices.  She excels at, and enjoys building rapport at all levels in teams and client organisations and brings research and new thinking to the table in an accessible way. Her ability to assimilate emotional and rational challenges allows her to help others navigate complexity, make sense of things and take action.

Clients have commented on her ability to foster collaboration, and embed a culture of openness and feedback.

In her research Alison seeks to bring together academic disciplines. Her research on human interaction is grounded in philosophy, psychology and sociology. This year her focus is on exploring the ‘behaviours that count’ in successful strategy execution and agile organisations. 
Alison co-authored the Society of Local Government Chief Executives 2012 publication ‘The 5 things every CEO should ask about change’. In 2016 Alison co-authored a research paper Quality Interaction: The Engine of Strategy Execution that received a Val Hammond award. In 2016 her work in this area was published as HR Magazine’s ‘Different Slant’ feature. 
Alison Reynolds