Alison Reynolds

BSc, PG Cert

Alison has experience as a consultant, educator and business leader. She researches and consults on strategy execution, collaboration, innovation, sustainability and digital transformation.

She takes a relational approach to working with organisations and is energised by working alongside individuals and teams who seek to create opportunities and overcome complex challenges.  

Previously, Alison was a Management Consultant with Deloitte where she worked with a variety of organizations across industries including; the UK Health Service, UK Civil Service, global retail, and transportation. She started her career in Local Government, where she led change initiatives and co-authored the publication ‘The 5 things every CEO should ask about change’.

Her current interests and research topics includes; Digital trends and transformation: How technology is reshaping business models and organisations; The role social technology can play in shaping organisational cultures.

Alison is currently studying the Ashridge Masters in Sustainability and Responsibility, completing in 2016.

Alison Reynolds