Alexandra Uhlmann

Ingenieur Commercial, MBA

Alexandra Uhlmann is the subject leader for marketing on the Ashridge accredited programmes including the Ashridge MBA. She is responsible for designing and delivering the marketing syllabus as well as setting the examinations. Alexandra’s clients include Unilever, Philips, Orange, Balfour Beatty, Nexans and Ageas. To support her specialism in marketing, Alexandra has a range of qualifications in the people behavioural area and is an experienced coach.

Before joining Ashridge, Alexandra was an internal consultant for Shell International where she worked on a range of projects including pricing at the pump. She has been a derivatives trader, developing the market for options and futures oil products trading in the Far Eastern markets. She has also worked in France for Steelcase Strafor and in Germany for Liebhher.

French by birth, Alexandra is fluent in German and English. She has a finance degree from IECS Strasbourg and an MBA from Bradford. Alexandra has been a visiting lecturer at Babson College, Duke Corporate Education and SAID (Oxford).

Alexandra Uhlmann


After Novelty Wears Off, Once More With Feeling

Alex Uhlmann examines the changing role of customer value.

Uhlmann, A. (2004) After Novelty Wears Off, Once More With Feeling, The Business, 4 April.

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In defence of branding

Uhlmann, A. (2001) In defence of branding, Communique, Autumn, P. 2