Faculty and Research


Learning at Ashridge is informed by the realities of business as well as the theory.

Ashridge’s expertise in executive education, coupled with its excellence and reputation in research, is one of the factors that makes Ashridge unique.

You won’t find traditional academics at Ashridge. Although our faculty have strong academic backgrounds they also have extensive, senior level, international experience and an in-depth understanding of the challenges and issues you face. They bring real-world wisdom to help you step up a gear, make changes and achieve results.

Ashridge’s research plays a vital role in helping to develop new insights and leading-edge approaches, as well as answering the questions that are important for our clients. There is a strong culture of idea sharing at Ashridge and the latest research feeds into the design and content of Ashridge’s programmes. This ensures that your learning is fully aligned with current thinking and research.


Ashridge Faculty and Research

Ashridge’s research centres focus on the issues that are uppermost in leaders’ minds. They cover a wide range of projects and themes that are critical to personal and organisational success in today’s competitive, fast-moving climate.

Our strength lies in translating our ground-breaking thinking into practice to help you and your organisation perform at the highest level and stay ahead of the game.

Ashridge Faculty and Research

Meet our Faculty

Our 211 strong team of faculty and associates have worked as business leaders and blend practical experience with robust academic insight.  They come from a wide range of industries and sectors and bring a wealth of knowledge to help you look at your most pressing challenges from different angles.

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Ashridge Research

Ashridge research focuses on investigating the issues that affect leaders and organisations today. 

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