Other Ashridge instruments

Ashridge has developed a number of instruments that have been researched and validated by its own faculty. These include:

Ashridge individual questionnaires

The Ashridge Resilience Questionnaire

The Ashridge Resilience Questionnaire was designed by Ashridge faculty member Alex Davda. Resilience is the way you manage your reactions and is often defined as “the ability to bounce back from stress or adversity”.

How we deal with pressure and stress relates to how successful, effective and satisfied we are in our working lives. Resilient people are more able to manage the stress and pressure they experience but also drive, support, guide and influence others to get through stressful situations.

Accessed online, the questionnaire assesses your resilience and perceived ability to cope when responding to a stressful situation.

The Influencing Style Preferences Inventory

The Influencing Style Preferences Inventory was designed by Ashridge faculty member Fiona Dent to help individuals assess their approach to influencing. It lists a number of different ways in which you might act towards people when influencing, and asks you to think about how often you act in each of these ways.

Available in paper or online format, the questions are designed to assess the different styles you use in your influencing relationships at work, indicate your preferred approach when influencing and identify your comfort levels with each of the four styles.

The Learning Attitude and Context Scale

The Ashridge Learning Attitude and Context Scale is a diagnostic tool designed to make individuals and organizations aware of the factors that may be influencing their ability to transfer learning from development programs, and what practical steps they can take to improve this.

Designed by Ashridge faculty member Lee Waller, you complete this psychometric prior to a development program. It generates a profile for you and your organization.  Before you even arrive at Ashridge, the report will help you reflect on how to use the program in your work, and how to overcome any obstacles to transferring learning from the program to your work.

The Consulting and Change Roles Inventory

The Consulting and Change Roles Inventory measures the preferences of consultants and change agents and has been designed to help you assess your personal role and contribution as a consultant.

Designed by Ashridge faculty member Erik de Haan, this online inventory distinguishes four main consulting roles (or contributions): The Expert, The Facilitator, The Developer and The Coach. The feedback shows that in each of these roles your contribution as a consultant is different.

You will be emailed a comprehensive PDF report. Additional one-to-one coaching sessions can be purchased if required.

Other instruments

Experiential exercises for teams

Crime Scene Simulation

The Ashridge Crime Scene Simulation is an exciting and interactive way to flex your team’s influencing, priority setting and decision-making skills. This exercise has been developed by Ashridge’s psychometric and experiential learning teams. To find out more please contact us.