The Ashridge Inventory of Management Skills (AIMS) 360°

Developed by Ashridge using a huge database of managerial competencies and behaviors, the Ashridge Inventory of Management Skills (AIMS) 360° is an online instrument which can be used to support both Ashridge development programs and your own organizational development initiatives.

The AIMS 360° process enables each individual to identify their perceived strengths and weaknesses; it is also an opportunity to gain feedback from up to two line managers and up to 20 peers and direct reports. Once the data is collated, an Ashridge accredited feedback coach explains the findings to each individual, and provides them with their individual report, together with a self-managed workbook to help plan future development.

Customizing an AIMS 360° questionnaire for your organization

Ashridge’s substantial database of validated competencies and behaviors allows us to customize 360° questionnaires based on your organization’s competency framework. We can also work with you to create a competency framework.

If you would like to discuss the use of AIMS or the customization of an AIMS 360° for your organization, please contact us on +44 1442 841109 or email:

AIMS 360° Feedback

Ashridge believes that everyone who completes a 360° questionnaire should be given the opportunity to receive feedback from a trained professional. Feedback can be provided by Ashridge coaches, or Ashridge can train individuals in your organization to carry out the feedback sessions.

For further information, please see Feedback and Coaching.

The AIMS Elements Series

We also offer the AIMS Elements Series, which is a collection of eleven generic 360° questionnaires which are based around a wide range of management competencies such as influencing, leadership and coaching for performance. Organizations may use any of the AIMS Elements series off the shelf, and feedback is given to an individual either by an Ashridge accredited feedback coach or by an AIMS accredited feedback giver within your organization. Please contact us for a more detailed overview of the Elements.