Ashridge offers a wide range of Ashridge-developed and third party instruments for our clients. Our team of experts can advise you on the best tools to support both Ashridge development programs and your own organizational development initiatives.

We provide a seamless end-to-end service which includes handling all the administration - information gathering, scoring, administration and feedback.


The Ashridge Inventory of Management Skills (AIMS)

A fully customizable 360° questionnaire that enables managers to receive a comprehensive view of thier performance focused on the skills critical to their organization.

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Ashridge Instruments

Other Ashridge Instruments

Ashridge has developed a number of instruments that have been researched and validated by its own faculty.


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Bureau service

Third Party Instruments

Ashridge can supply a wide range of third party questionnaires for your organization.

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Feedback and coaching

Feedback and Coaching

Ashridge accredited feedback experts can carry out group or one-to-one feedback sessions on all the instruments that we offer, here at Ashridge or at a venue of your choice.

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