Strategy Execution

Using a video case study, a discussion-based seminar format, peer sharing and an interactive exercise, ASMC Director Stephen Bungay will cover the difficulties involved in executing strategy and introduce a technique called strategy briefing for communication and alignmnet during planning and execution.

The tools and techniques which will be presented were developed on the basis of research with the military and civilian organisaton, and have already been introduced successfully in serveral major public companies. Stephen Bungay is the author of a book on strategy execution The Art of Action and a article which appeared in the January 2011 edition of the Harvard Business Review entitled How to Make the Most of Your Company's Strategy based on the book.

10.00 What is strategy?
10.30 Case study: Video and debrief
11.30 Break
11.50 The problems of strategy execution and the principles of a solution
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Strategy briefing exercise: 'my part in the plan': set up
14.45 Strategy briefing exercise: group work
15.45 Break
16.15 Strategy briefing exercise: feedback and review
16.45 Wrap up (close 17.00)