Strategic Decision Making

Any complex decision is subject to the effects of bias. In our book Think Again: Why Good Leaders Make Bad Decisions and How to Keep it From Happening to You my co authors and I describe the sources of bias and what you can do to limit their effect. In this session we will describe the main insights from the book, illustrate their application with a case study based on a short movie clip and then give participants the opportunity to apply the approach to a real business decision (please let me know in advance if you have a suitable example). I also plan to have a couple of sections in which participants share ideas about the particular ways in which their companies deal with this issue, and a session on how to challenge and test the way a decision is being framed.

10.00 Presentation on Think Again: The sources of bias and what you can do about it
11.00 Case example: Movie clip and discussion
12.30 Lunch
11.30 Business case study (please let me know if you have a decision of your own that you would be prepared to discuss)
15.00 Break
15.15 Discussion of alternative safeguards
16.00 Framing decisions: Tools and techniques
17.00 Finish

Note: the exact timetable may change depending on what particular case studies are available.