Organisation Design and Collaboration with Business Partners

Felix Barber, a director of ASMC will lead a discussion on ‘Organisation Design and Collaboration with Business Partners’ two key platforms for successfully implementing strategy.

The morning of the seminar will focus on major organisation redesign

We start by considering a process for designing an organisation aligned with company strategy. We offer a number of tests for thinking about whether the organisation design you choose will meet your strategy requirements. Even when a new organisation proves successful in the longer term, the costs of change are often unnervingly high. The collateral damage in the process of major organisational change frequently includes the incumbent CEO. We therefore also offer some tests for assessing the likely transitional costs of changing the organisation design and some thoughts on how these can be reduced.

After a break we then look briefly at a number of specific organisational issues which should be of interest to those in your strategy team, for example the role of the strategy function in organisation design and how to use organisation design to take costs out of the organisation.

The afternoon focuses on collaboration difficulties less related to the shape of the organisation

We start by offering a process, "behaviour mapping", for finding out the root cause of frustrating and apparently paradoxical organisational behaviour. You think you have done all you can to motivate the right behaviour but staff seem to be sabotaging your strategy. What is going on and how can you fix it?

After a break, we then look at how to set up the right contracts to motivate working partners, be they employees or external, to do what you want. We offer a simple method for coming up with a good solution.

09.30 Coffee and discussion
Morning: Organisation design
10.00 Brief round of introductions
10.15 Basics of Organisation Design
11.00 Glodufree: organisation design case
11.30 Break
11.45 Discussion of specific organisation design topics
  Managing matrices and ovelays
  Reorganisation as an aproach to cost reduction
  Who should be in the top executive team
  Where should the strategy function be in the organisation
  What role should the strategy function play in organisation redesign
13.00 Lunch
Afternoon: Collaboration with business partners
13.45 Behavioural mapping
14.15 Hotel case: behavioural mapping
14.45 Break
15.00 Collaborative strategy
16.00 I-bankers bonuses: collaborative strategy case
16.30 Wrap up (close 17.00)