Growth Initiatives

Andrew Campbell, a founding director of ASMC, will be leading a strategy seminar on growth. We will look at some of the analytical tools strategists use to help speed growth – value maps, adjacency maps and the new growth traffic lights. We will explore some organisational implications of a commitment to growth, looking particuarly at corporate venturing and what role the strategy function should play. We will also discuss the different approaches to growth represented by the companies in the room.

Andrew is the author of a book on growth strategy entitled The Growth Gamble and an article in the Harvard Business Review entitled Stop Kissing Frogs!, based on the book.

We will ask participants from each company in the room to share the following information about their approach to growth.

  1. Does your company have a stretching, top-down, growth target? Is this cascaded down to each business unit? What happens when a business unit misses its target?
  2. How clear is your company about where future growth will come from?
  3. What role does the strategic planning function play in supporting the company's growth ambition?
  4. What analytical tools does the strategy team use to help support growth efforts?
  5. What special organisational arrangements has your company set up to support growth?
09.30 Registration and coffee
10.00 Five ways to grow
  • Margin growth
  • Market growth
  • Market share gain
  • Adjacent markets
  • New businesses
10.30 Value mapping
Exercise and discussion
11.30 Break
11.45 Adjacency mapping
Exercise and discussion
12.45 Lunch
13.30 McDonald's case
14.30 Different approaches to growth (round-the-table discussion)
  • Growth targets?
  • Role of strategy team?
  • Tools and frameworks?
  • Organisation issues?
15.30 Break
15.45 New business traffic lights
Exercise and discussion
16.45 Review (close at 17.00)