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Strategy Foundations: Strategic Decisions

Learn essential frameworks enabling you to evaluate strategy, generate options, and make better decisions.


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12 Mar 2018 - 16 Mar 2018

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25 Jun 2018 - 29 Jun 2018

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Length: 5 days

Course level: Foundation

Who is this course for?

You’re a manager in either a general management position or a functional role, and want to understand how best to structure and execute a strategic decision. You may be in transition from an operational to a more strategic role, and want a better understanding of strategies you have to implement or how to shape strategic decisions

What will I learn?

This practical and highly interactive program will help you improve the quality of your decision-making and to think through issues in a more strategic way. By exploring the tools and reflecting on how strategy is formulated, you’ll understand how your future decisions can affect your organization. 

Module 1: Strategy Tools
With the use of real case studies and group exercises, learn how to evaluate the external environment, identify options, and ultimately select the best one. 
Module 2: Formulating Strategy
You’ll explore how biases can affect decisions, how to develop robust processes to address those biases, and how to stimulate the creation of new strategic options.
This course will:
  • Help you understand the difference between strategic and operational thinking
  • Enable you to decide which tools to use for developing strategy
  • Equip you with the techniques for managing the decision-making process
  • Give you essential tips and alert you to the pitfalls in making strategic decisions.

Why learn with us?

To prepare you for the intense and fast-paced course, you’ll take part in a virtual learning session beforehand to help you revise your existing knowledge of strategic theory.
Once here, through the use of film clips, case studies, and extensive group work, we’ll bring strategic frameworks to life. Real examples–including a film about the Cuban Missile Crisis and a case study on the publishing industry–will help to explain the models, which you’ll then apply to your own real workplace examples. You’ll finish with a day-long simulation enabling you to practice frameworks and decision-making under pressure.
The course draws on our research into decision-making, as captured in the book Think Again: Why Good Leaders Make Bad Decisions and How to Keep It from Happening to You, coauthored by our own Jo Whitehead. This course also includes a virtual follow-up session to help support you in applying your learning back in the workplace.
This course is split into two: first, a two-day module on strategy tools, and then a three-day module on formulating strategy. Though we encourage participants to attend both modules for the maximum benefit, you may choose to attend just one.

Participant feedback

“The tools are simple, effective, and easy to apply. I use them to communicate our strategy and to help people understand the part that they play in it, wherever they are in the organization.”

Rachel Pallett, Director, Sales and Marketing Director, Watson-Marlow

Program fee

Price: £5,900.00 + VAT
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Faculty Team

Stephen Bungay

Stephen Bungay

MA, DPhil (Oxon)

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Jo Whitehead

Jo Whitehead


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Rebecca Homkes

Rebecca Homkes

MSc, PhD

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