Why invest in management development?

Management is the vehicle for delivering the success of organizations. Management creates and implements strategic plans, structures the organization to operate efficiently and, perhaps most importantly, provides the leadership and motivation to keep employees engaged and productive. It is the critical coordinating function which underpins achievement.

Given this, and given the breadth of management development objectives for different managers at different stages, how can organizations be sure they are getting real business value from the management development investments they choose to make? Or to rephrase that question, what actually works? As a business school, it is vitally important that we continually experiment and review the techniques we use to enable managers to lead their organizations successfully.

Our General Management Open Programs are designed with this in mind. From the day-long business simulation on the Management Development Program to the live client consulting assignment on the Fast-Track Advanced Management Program and the intensive coaching sessions during the Senior Executive Program, people leave us not just with new skills and learning, but critically with the confidence to operate differently.

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What do good Management Development programs look like

Patricia Hind discusses what makes for a great management development program – and how organizations can make sure they get a real return on their investment.

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The future of management development

In a rapidly changing and ambiguous business world, the techniques used to help managers learn how to lead effectively need to be constantly evolving. Narendra Laljani and Kai Peters look at how management development needs to change to ensure it is fit for the future.

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Seven steps to reposition middle management

Ilze Zandvoort believes this unfavourable view of middle managers should be challenged, and advises how their reputation should be repositioned.

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Senior Executive Program: Leading Strategy and Change

Learn ways to tackle your organization's key issues during our intense program designed for senior leaders.

This three-module program has been developed for senior managers and directors who contribute to strategy in their organization and need to see it through to execution.

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Advanced Management Program

Choose the key areas you need to develop as you look to take the next step in your leadership journey.

Its flexible structure puts you in the driving seat. This program will give you everything you need to take you to the next stage of your career and beyond.

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Fast-Track Advanced Management Program

Accelerate your progression along your career path by focussing on the key areas that will make a difference in your leadership.

This two-module program will help you maximise your contribution to your current role and develop your potential for future positions in the organization.

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Management Development Program

Gain a well-rounded set of skills to get your leadership career started on a successful footing.

This intensive five-day general management program focuses on the specific areas where managers need practical support.

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