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Leading Change and Organizational Development

Impactful change in a complex world

This blended program is highly practical and will equip you with a core understanding of what Organizational Development (OD) is, practical OD skills, tools and techniques, and greater awareness of self and group process within OD and change. 

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23 May 2018 - 25 May 2018

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18 Jul 2018 - 20 Jul 2018

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Modules can be taken as individual programs or combined to complete the full program. The full program includes virtual and collaborative elements alongside two 3-day residential modules.

Program Overview

The program will enable you to provide a more strategic and impactful consulting service that adds value to the business challenges facing your organization. It will empower you to support, enable and create ownership with key stakeholders to effect change and OD in order to achieve sustainable results. 

Content and Structure


Before arriving at Ashridge you will have met and worked with your program peers and faculty virtually and will be encouraged to start your learning before arriving. We will connect with you as a community and individually in advance of the first module and learn about the challenges you face in your roles, and your hopes for the program. We will explore your preferences for learning and also provide relevant pre-reading to enable you to arrive at Ashridge for Module 1 having started reflecting on your own practice, and your hopes from the program.

Residential Phase

Module 1 - Change and OD in Practice

  • Explore the theoretical, social and anthropological influences in how we work with organizations and change as OD consultants
  • Understand the roles and skills of the OD Consultant and the Consulting Process
  • Understand own paradigms/styles/ preferences that influence how you work
  • Understand the spectrum of change from Programmatic to Emergent change and the applicability of each within various organizational contexts
  • Understanding the emotional, psychological and social collective responses to change
  • Work with live cases and clients on change interventions and receive feedback

Learning outcomes:

  • Communication: "I can explain to, and convince my stakeholders why OD is relevant and effective, under what circumstances it is relevant in helping us meet our organizational challenges"
  • Advice: "I can advise my stakeholders and clients on how to understand and intervene more effectively in complex organizational situations"
  • Capability: "I understand better my role in change, and how I can support leaders and the wider organization through a time of flux and uncertainty"

Between modules

Between Modules 1 and 2 we will continue to support your learning journey and help you design and apply appropriate interventions within your organization. We will provide opportunities for you to stay connected as a peer community and providing provocations to further your edge and thinking, as well as in preparation for Module 2.

Module 2 – Change and OD Processes and Tools

We will practice specific processes and tools across the OD/Change spectrum including:

  • Structured Change and capacity building processes and tools
  • Facilitating agile processes like scrum, hackathons and rapid prototyping
  • Strategic elevation: Facilitating strategic conversations and influence using story- telling, metaphor and personal presence
  • Facilitating large group processes e.g. open space technology 
  • Collaborative techniques like generative dialogues, appreciative enquiry

In this module you will have the opportunity to apply your learnings with real clients, to work on ‘live’ change interventions and hear feedback.

Learning outcomes:

  • Capability: "I have developed specialist skills and processes which make me more effective in tackling organizational challenges under particular circumstances. I know how to apply these skills under the right conditions to help groups move forward"
  • Networks: "I have enhanced my network of like-minded practitioners across a range of sectors who I can turn to, and learn with in future"
  • Career: "I have a clearer sense of how I want my career/role to develop as an HR/L&D/OD/PROJECT practitioner"


  • You will continue to be supported after the program through our virtual community where you can continue peer and faculty connections
  • Tutors will facilitate a virtual follow-up session for the group, six months after the second module to explore and learn from your experience of applying change in your organization
  • You are also given continued access to your online program portal and Virtual Ashridge content for six months after your final module
  • Following this program, you can also explore further learning opportunities in change and OD from certification through to our Doctoral program

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Program fee

Price: £6,800.00 + VAT
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Who is it for?

This program is for those who play a change facilitation and/or Organizational Development role, and who need to build relationships with a diverse range of people across different functions. You will benefit if you are an HR practitioner, L&D or OD specialist, project leader, change agent, IT professional or business analyst. 

Benefits to you and your organization

  • Enhanced self-awareness and self-confidence, resulting in strategic elevation of your OD role 
  • Gained a repertoire of cutting edge processes and tools that enable effective OD consulting and change
  • Taking your consulting practice to a new level of impact by enhancing your impact and effectiveness
  • More successful OD and change processes impacting at an individual, group and organization-wide level 
  • Greater ownership by key stakeholders for OD and Change processes, resulting in business impact 

Faculty Team

Sharon Olivier

Sharon Olivier


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Debbie Wayth

Debbie Wayth

BA (Hons), MSc

Read more about Debbie

Julian Thompson

Julian Thompson

BA (Cantab), PGDip, MSc

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Brian Marshall

Brian Marshall

BA (Hons), MSc

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