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Harnessing Artificial Intelligence

Learn what artificial intelligence is, how artificial intelligence technologies are evolving and how you can harness them in your business to create more value.

This practical, interactive 4-day program will equip you to integrate artificial intelligence into your strategy and manage initiatives with confidence

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12 Mar 2018 - 15 Mar 2018

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Who is this course for? 

This program is for business leaders tasked with harnessing Artificial Intelligence to create value or tasked more broadly with digital transformation. They will most likely be business unit managers or functional heads. But they could also be senior IT, technology, strategy or analytics specialists seeking a wider business and organisational perspective on AI.

What will I learn? 

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence introduces you to AI and its rapidly emerging business uses, then offers frameworks and case examples to help you think through where and how you can most benefit from AI in your business.


Three weeks before the program starts, you will receive background reading on AI. You will also be asked to fill out an AI Readiness survey for your company. This will help you think through the main focus of your current AI challenges.

Residential Phase

You will learn:

Day 1 - Introduction to AI and the course

  • What is AI
    • Advanced analytics using machine learning algorithms and data science 
    • Smart sensors to capture data on which to “train” algorithms
    • Intelligent machines to take action based on the outcome of algorithms
  • Birds eye view of current business uses of AI to optimise the company value chain and transform the customer journey
  • Discussion of issues participants face with AI and what they want to get from the course
  • How we will cover participants issues in the course

Day 1 from late morning and Day 2 - Using data science and machine learning to cut costs, enhance revenues and optimise your company value chain

  • The "brain" of AI, understanding learning algorithms
  • What is (and what is not) currently possible with algorithms
  • An overview of different data analytics techniques
  • Gaining practical experience by building your own handwriting recognition algorithm
  • What makes a good data science/machine learning project
  • How to sponsor a data science/machine learning project with confidence
  • How to scale-up, roll out and embed machine learning in the organisation
  • Including case examples and an opportunity to apply the methodology to  your own organisation

Day 3 - Adding smart sensors and intelligent machines to innovate and transform your customer's journey

  • The evolving "anatomy" of the artificially intelligent agent
    • Smart sensors to acquire and pre-process data in standard ways: mobiles, wearables, implantables, satnav, computer vision, natural language recognition, emotional recognition, etc.
    • Intelligent machines to take action based on the outcome of machine learning: chatbots, drones, autonomous vehicles, 3D printers, robots, RPA etc.
  • Examples of new AI based business models and revenue sources combining machine learning, smart sensors and intelligent machines
  • A method and tools to assess how AI could transform your customer's journey explained in the context of a real life worked example
  • Participants learn the method and use the tools working in break-out groups on a case study example of AI based transformation
  • Ensuring responsible deployment of AI: how to meet ethical, privacy, legal and regulatory constraints

Day 4 - Optimise and transform: developing your company's overall AI strategy

  • How to organise for AI: options and basis for choice
    • In-house, strategic partner, conventional outsourcing
    • Company internal organisation of AI effort
  • Integrate the learnings from the course and reinforce understanding of all course methods and tools by working in break-out groups on an exercise to outline an AI strategy for selected participant companies

Conclusions, reflections, what to do next Monday

  • Overall summary of course learnings in context of plenary discussion of AI strategy exercise
  • Participant feedback on key take-aways: what was most useful and what to do next Monday



Tutors will facilitate a virtual follow-up session for the group six weeks after the residential phase. This will allow you and the other participants in the group to review your actions and support you all to make further progress.

You are also given continued access to your on-line program portal and Virtual Ashridge content for six months after your residential stay

Why learn with us? 

All major businesses now face the challenge of harnessing Artificial Intelligence to drive business performance. It is the critical next phase of digital strategy development. The course will help prepare executives to successfully manage AI initiatives. We offer a unique all-round perspective on AI covering an introduction to basic technologies, the strategic issues involved in their application to business optimisation and transformation and consideration of the broader organisational, legal and ethical issues involved. The faculty team have the experience and background to deliver on this broad set of challenges.

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Price: £4,800.00 + VAT
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