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Financial Drivers

You know that, no matter which department you manage, understanding key financial information is a must for advancement. 

This program equips you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to evaluate the financial impact of your decisions on your organization’s financial performance.

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Financial Drivers

Program Overview

Financial Drivers aims to demystify finance and to explain terminology, concepts and principles in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

A range of practical tools and techniques are introduced and used to help analyze, interpret and evaluate financial information and to assess the financial impact of organizational decisions.

Each participant also has the opportunity to book an appointment for a one-to-one discussion – either during the residential element or, alternatively, in a virtual environment post-program – to consider specific financial issues they may be dealing with in their organization.   

Content and Structure


In advance of attending the residential phase, the program portal provides access to virtual resources enabling you to check your current understanding and to help identify areas you may wish to explore further during the program – so the learning can be directly relevant to your individual circumstances.

You will also be asked to review the website and some specific financial information for an organization which will be analyzed further during the residential element.   

Residential Phase

The approach used to engage with the subject is practical, supportive and interactive. There will be a mix of individual and group work and discussions; presentations and case studies; together with the use of virtual resources and on-line databases.

The topics covered during the three days are:

Measuring business performance

  • Exploring terminology and concepts
  • Understanding the key financial statements: profit and loss – balance sheet – cash flow
  • Recognising profit vs. cash: depreciation – timing – working capital

Financial analysis and appraisal

  • Analyzing financial reports and accounts
  • Interpreting metrics and ratios
  • Evaluating financial performance and position

Financial decision making

  • Classifying costs and revenues
  • Understanding contribution and break-even
  • Planning and budgeting

Investment appraisal

  • Identifying key techniques: pay-back – NPV – IRR
  • Understanding discounting and the cost of capital
  • Linking investment appraisal and company valuation


You will be provided with a financial toolkit to take away and use to help assess the financial performance of your business. The toolkit includes: a glossary of accounting terms; key pointers for interpreting financial statements; explanation of key metrics; a spreadsheet analysis tool; insight into how to evaluate investment decisions and a guide to potential decision-making traps.

There is also the opportunity to book a virtual one-to-one discussion with a tutor to consider specific financial issues relevant to your business. 

You are also given continued access to your online program portal and Virtual Ashridge content for six months after your residential stay. 

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Participant feedback

“A stimulating and challenging course, delivered in a beautiful location.”

Geoff Hill, Editor of 5 News, ITN Ltd London

“Who would have thought finance could be fun! A solid, well-paced course with good check points and realistic content coverage.”

Jen Pratt, Operations Director, LGC Forensics

“Steve brings a level of enthusiasm and excitement to what would normally be perceived as a dry subject – coupled with his excellent knowledge and ability to simplify and link concepts made this enjoyable and productive.”

Matthew Beeston, Head of Strategy and Operations, Wesleyan Financial Services

“Having had limited financial training this course has given me the ability to understand and interpret financial data. The course was at the correct pace and extremely well presented.”

Ashley Phillips, Head of National New Connections, E.ON UK PLC

"Perfect introduction to the key financial material that effect every organization."

Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research, Institute of Advanced Motorists

"Steve brings enthusiasm and experience to a rather dry subject matter. It brings it to life."

Paul Barratt, Commercial Sales Director, Karndean International Ltd

“Relevant ‘real world’ learning. Applicable to my business and the industry.”

Andrew Marns, Regional Managing Director, Bloor Homes

“Great for breaking down terminologies and how they contribute and impact our business.”

Glen MacDonald, Build and Delivery Manager, British Airways PLC

Program fee

Price: £3,550.00 + VAT
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Who is it for?

You are a non-financial manager looking to gain a greater understanding of financial terminology and concepts to enable you to better understand and interpret financial information and to communicate confidently with financial specialists.

Benefits to you and your organization

On completion of the program you will have gained:

  • a better understanding of financial concepts, terminology and metrics
  • an increased confidence in analyzing and interpreting financial information
  • an improved appreciation of the impact of management decisions on your organization’s financial performance
  • a greater awareness of the key financial drivers of performance and value in organizations

Faculty Team

Steve Seymour

Steve Seymour


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