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Fast-Track Advanced Management Program

Accelerate your progression along your career path by focussing on the key areas that will make a difference in your leadership.

This two-module program will help you maximise your contribution to your current role and develop your potential for future positions in the organization.

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Fast-Track Advanced Management Program

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Module 1: 27 Feb - 3 Mar 2017 Module 1: 19-23 Jun 2017
Module 2: 24-28 Apr 2017 Module 2: 11-15 Sep 2017

Duration: 2 x 5-day modules

Program Overview

Ashridge’s Fast-Track Advanced Management Program focuses on developing the key skills and knowledge that executives need, across four central themes, in order to excel in general management and leadership positions.

The four themes are:

  • Providing leadership: understanding yourself and what it takes to be a leader; working out your own leadership model and learning how to make it work in practice
  • Making the most of people: developing tools and techniques for making the most of your people; influencing widely and winning support; being impactful and personally effective
  • Driving growth and realizing results: learn how to turn strategy into action; manage change when it matters; find routes to growth and make innovation a reality for your organization
  • Setting direction: understanding your organization, its strategy and financials; working out how to win customers, achieve the business goals and remain sustainable.

These themes are derived from extensive research carried out by Ashridge across a broad range of industries around the globe.

Content and Structure


Before arriving at Ashridge, you are asked to complete the following:

  • An Ashridge Inventory of Management Skills (AIMS) 360° feedback questionnaire
  • A Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to assess your personality type and problem-solving styles
  • An online FIRO-B® questionnaire which measures how a person typically behaves towards others and how they would like others to behave towards them
  • A BELBIN® self-perception inventory to measure your preferred behaviour when working within a group
  • These coupled with pre-program reading will help prepare you for this demanding and rewarding program.

Residential Phase

During the residential part of the program, you will be immersed in proven frameworks for best business management practice combined with experiential learning in a supportive environment.

The program design combines input sessions with practical exercises, case studies and peer review groups, with the first module culminating in a live client consulting assignment in small groups. The second module includes an inspiring hands-on evening session with a keynote speaker looking at risk-taking and personal impact. At the end of the program you will take part in a day-long simulation focusing on decision-making under pressure, to consolidate all the skills you’ve learned.

You will also have a one-to-one coaching session on each module with an Ashridge executive coach. Your coach will work with you to agree your personal learning objectives and development needs. You will establish ways of testing and applying your learning to progress in your role.

The Fast-Track Advanced Management Program gives you the essential learning and development you need to realise your leadership potential. It covers key topics such as:

  • Providing leadership
  • Developing high performance teams
  • Leader as coach
  • Personal impact and influence
  • Risk and decision-making
  • Implementing change
  • Marketing drivers
  • Financial drivers
  • Strategy tools and execution
  • Driving growth and innovation.


  • Tutors will facilitate a virtual follow-up session for the group, six weeks after the second module. This allows you and the other participants in your group to review your actions and support you all to make further progress
  • Tutors will also facilitate action support groups after the second module. This gives you and the other participants the chance to discuss any current concerns and issues in a small group environment
  • You are also given continued access to your online program portal and Virtual Ashridge content for six months after your final module

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Participant feedback

“A thoroughly enjoyable experience – an extremely high calibre of tutors and program content along with a wonderful setting.”

Jessica Bins, Director, Exposure

“An intense but hugely informative and enjoyable learning experience. Both my fellow delegates and the knowledge of tutors had a huge impact on my experience.”

Sarah Beadle, Senior Department Manager Employee Development, HSBC Bank Plc

“Excellent and well organized training course. I can tell from the teaching material how much research has taken place. Highly recommend if you are looking for a quick and short management training program. It could help you transform from just a ‘boss’ to a real ‘leader’.”

Cecilia Zhong, Head of Greater China Business Development, Euronext Liffe

“The program has extended and developed my all round business skills and knowledge to enable me to be better prepared for the personal challenges I will face in the future.”

Tim Windle, Sales Director, Harboro Rubber Company Ltd

“A fun and professional approach to learning important new models which can be implemented in the workplace.”

Steve Youngman, General Manager, TRaC EMC and Safety Ltd

“Sessions on influencing and coaching have opened my eyes to different approaches rather than one size fits all.”

Graham Crowe, Finance Director, Pension Protection Fund

Program fee

Price: £10,550.00 + VAT
What is included in your open program fee?

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Who is it for?

You are likely to be:

  • A business unit or country manager or business unit leader
  • A high-potential mid-level manager who is new to general management
  • A senior functional or technical specialist in transition to general management
  • A specialist working across functional boundaries
  • A project manager working on large/complex projects across teams, functions or borders

Benefits to you and your organization

  • You will return to work with enhanced practical skills that will make you more effective in your daily job: working with people, executing strategy and delivering results
  • You will have greater self-awareness and a real understanding of the impact of your behavior on others
  • You will understand how to grow your organization, bring innovation to life, and turn customer focus into a real business advantage
  • The modular design offers you time between modules to put your learning into practice and refine your development goals
  • You will have extended your professional network, having worked with fellow participants from diverse organizations and industries

Faculty Team

Pam Jones

Pam Jones

BA (Hons), MBA

Read more about Pam

Mike Brent

Mike Brent

MA, Dip Mgmt, Dip Mkting, MSc, MSc

Read more about Mike

Paul Griffith

Paul Griffith


Read more about Paul

Colin Williams

Colin Williams


Read more about Colin

Steve Seymour

Steve Seymour


Read more about Steve

James Moncrieff

James Moncrieff


Read more about James

Patricia Hind

Patricia Hind

BSc, MSc, PhD, CPsychol, AFBPS

Read more about Patricia

John Neal

John Neal

B.Hum, Dip Psych.

Read more about John

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