Digital Futures: Winning Amidst Disruption

A 3-day Ferrari and Ashridge Program

Ferrari and Ashridge have partnered to offer a 3-day program on digital innovation. We will explore the unprecedented speed of digital transformation, and will help equip you with the right frameworks and tools to shape winning digital future strategies for your brand(s) and organization.

Learn from cutting-edge Silicon Valley faculty and an inspiring group of consortium companies.

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2-4 October 2017


Ferrari, Maranello, Italy

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Silicon Valley Faculty

Prof. Mike Grandinetti, Global Professor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Leadership. 

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To find out more and to register, please contact Tanja Levine, Ashridge Client Director for Ferrari

T: +41 79 7870652


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Program overview

The global economy is increasingly marked by the VUCA world. Digital disruption, particularly in areas such as e-commerce, platform business models, predictive analytics, AI, conversational commerce and cybersecurity, is already producing today more data than most organizations can deal with. McKinsey estimates that by 2025, insights from connected devices alone will yield $11 trillion potential economic value.

Along with customers and employees expecting increased engagement and value, transitioning organizations into digital futures is difficult, expensive and fraught with pitfalls, while the opportunities are tremendous. This 3-day cross-functional program will generate insights on digital ecosystems and futures – aimed at digital strategy, and less on digital marketing at a granular level.

Program coverage

You will complete some pre-program reading as well as submit a one-paragraph statement about the critical digital transformation challenge your organization is facing. The faculty team will review the challenges and select which ones will be worked on during the program by small teams. Your company’s challenge may get selected in addition to the Ferrari digital challenge - all moon-shot growth ideas for new digital futures will be presented on the last day of the course to the group.

During the program, you will keep a learning journal to capture your personal insights and you will be given the opportunity to discuss these insights with the faculty confidentially, or, if broader peer feedback is required, with the other participants. The program allows time for exchanging ideas and experiences with other participants and the faculty team.

To enable you to plan a sustainable path towards a digital future, this program offers three sets of tools: 

  • Concrete steps and tools of digitization employed by other organizations, and their lessons learned
  • The integration of examples and participant input with digital futures through scenario-based foresight. Scenario craft allows us to gain greater visibility into the different ways in which the digital landscape can evolve, and to be prepared with the right moves
  • Ecosystem trends analysis to identify actionable moves for the next growth frontiers for your business

The integration of case studies and participant input with digital futures and strategy frameworks will allow you to learn from others, see uncertainty as opportunity and craft high-level portfolios of strategic options that have a better chance of yielding digital success. 

“Ferrari and Ashridge at Hult are brands with global appeal, and together we are ideally suited to help global companies shape digital futures and win amidst disruption!”

Prof. Dr. Olaf Groth, Program Director & Hult Global Professor of Management, Strategy & Innovation.

Why choose this program?

The learning group embraces all participating organizations and brands to share and build best practices to shape winning digital futures amidst disruption. This is an opportunity to not only learn from cutting-edge Silicon Valley faculty from Ashridge, but also from an inspiring group of consortium companies sharing their best practices and challenges. You will apply your learnings not only to a live Ferrari digital challenge but also come out of this program with a high-impact digital growth plan for your own organization.

This program  will also allow for a unique immersion into the iconic Ferrari brand in its birth-town of Maranello, Italy, not far from Bologna – you will experience the race thrill of driving a Ferrari car, gain access to an exclusive Ferrari factory tour and enjoy an unforgettable gala dinner in the Ferrari museum.

“The highlight was to engage with peers from other industries and companies, and learn from each other’s similar digital challenges. It was also great to have a diverse team to work on a Coke-related digital innovation opportunity and for us to stand out in a crowded digital space” 

Global Innovation Director, Coca-Cola.

Who is it for?

You are an experienced manager, director or management/leadership team member, keen to shape the future direction of digitalization for your brand(s) or organization, whether you work in Marketing, Digital, or in Innovation and Strategy.

Digital Strategy up-skilling is key

51% of organisations said in a 2016 survey that the key barrier to change is the insufficient understanding of disruptive changes (Future of Jobs Reoprt, World Economic Forum). Even more importantly, 77% of companies said that lack of right digital skills is the key hurdle to their digital transformation (Capgemini & MIT Research, “Digital Transformation: A Roadmap for Billion Dollar Organizations”).

Benefits to you and your organization

You will:

  • Develop the confidence and skill set to better understand the drivers and implications for digitization and to build your own digital future
  • Craft concrete moves for a digital business model and position pro-actively customers and competitors, new entrants and suppliers
  • Gain knowledge of best practice tools and frameworks, the potential pitfalls and successes involved in digital transformation programs through example activities undertaken by other companies

Digital futures

“We are absolutely delighted to launch this unique digital consortium program in special partnership with Ferrari, one of the most iconic brands in the world.
This is a highly experiential course at Ferrari, Maranello Italy, where all program participants can share their best practices and challenges, and not only learn from a live Ferrari Digital challenge, but also work on high impact digital future strategies plans for their own organizations.”

Tanja Levine, Ashridge Client Director for Ferrari