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Combining Strategy and Finance learning

Strengthen your financial skills; update your view on strategy.

By combining different Ashridge programmes you have several options to boost your strategy and finance skills.

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Ashridge offers two programmes in Finance, Financial Drivers and Strategic Finance, which if you feel you also need an update on strategy can be combined with Strategy Tools.

Strategy Tools is delivered on a Monday and Tuesday and can be followed immediately by Strategic Finance, offering five days of powerful learning in strategy and finance that provides a “passport for the board”. Alternatively, you might want to link Strategy Tools with Financial Drivers, which is aimed at managers who are less financially experienced and who are looking to improve their understanding of how to interpret financial data to make more effective decisions.

Some more details about the options

Good managers are able to progress through their organisations by virtue of their functional skills and capabilities. But sooner or later they will need to justify their plans and proposals in strategic and financial terms and at a higher level. At this point their functional skills will be insufficient to enable them to promote their ideas confidently or to contribute effectively to more senior discussion.

Strategic Finance has been designed to help you develop financial skills in: appraising business ideas, evaluating business performance, identifying potential for improvement and reaching better business decisions. You will learn how to recognise, assess and propose value-creating initiatives in your organisation. Above all, you will learn how to communicate your thoughts, ideas and conclusions more confidently and more effectively at executive committee and board level.

If you feel you also need an update on strategy you could combine Strategic Finance with Strategy Tools which will give you a practical foundation of strategy frameworks and tools. The combination of these two programmes provides senior managers with a customisable way to build skills in strategy and finance that will help them contribute to senior and board-level discussions. The two modules can be taken concurrently or at separate times. It is recommended that, if both programmes are required, Strategy Tools be taken first, as some of the frameworks and ideas are used on Strategic Finance.

If your financial experience and understanding is more limited, you might want to consider beginning with Financial Drivers before moving on to Strategy Tools and then potentially Strategic Finance.


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