Advanced Management Program Modules

The AMP is designed around four themes. Our research shows that these are the current key areas required to succeed as a highly effective and inspiring business leader.

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Making the most of people

Making the Most of People

Modules cover people leadership, performance management, influencing skills and personal impact. 

In this theme, you will discover and apply tools and techniques for making the most of your people. It will teach you how to influence widely, win support, increase your impact and develop your personal effectiveness.

Performance through People: Into action

5 days – Develop the skills to motivate others, inspire team cohesion and manage people through change.

Influencing Strategies and Skills

3 days – Develop the way you win support: gain new tools for influencing and persuading others. This is an opportunity to work with Ashridge on current challenges you face.

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Providing leadersip

Providing Leadership

Modules cover all aspects of leadership. 

This theme develops a deep understanding of yourself and what it takes to be the best leader you can be. You will immerse yourself in the latest leadership research and explore which models work best for you and the people you lead. You will be, supported by one-to-one coaching sessions.

Ashridge Leadership Process

5 days – Develop your own leadership approach: become the best leader you can be, for yourself, and your organization.

The Leadership Experience: Leading on the Edge

3.5 days – Accelerate your leadership development through this radical program which gives you the chance to experience today the leadership challenges you will face tomorrow.

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Driving growth and realising results

Driving Growth and Realizing Results

Modules cover innovation, organization growth and strategy execution.

In the this theme you will learn how to turn strategy into action, find routes to growth and discover how to make innovation a reality for your organization.

Driving Growth and Innovation

3 days – Understand how your organization can grow, accelerate performance and make innovation work in practice.

Translating Strategy into Action

3 days – Understand how to plan implementation, engage and align the organization, deal with resistance, and turn the big goals into action.

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Setting direction

Setting Direction

Modules cover strategy tools and strategic decision making.

This theme develops your understanding of the organization. It helps you work out how to set your organization apart from the competition, win customers, achieve the business goals and remain sustainable.

Strategy Tools

2 days – Build a practical foundation of tools and frameworks to evaluate strategy and generate options.

Formulating Strategy

3 days – Learn how the brain makes decisions, the sources of bias, and how these influence the formulation of strategy. Learn how to design the decision process to improve decision-making.

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Setting direction

Business Fundamentals

Modules cover finance and marketing.

Financial Drivers

3 days – Understand the financial drivers of your organization, gain the commercial acumen to raise performance.

Marketing Drivers

3 days – Understand what it takes to succeed in the market, gain clarity of organizational focus through the value proposition and learn how to create a customer-centric organization.

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I look different, sit differently and speak differently. The AMP has helped me grow as a person and as a leader.

Nicola Aspinall, Executive Director, Winchester, BMI Healthcare