Individual executive coaching

At Ashridge, Executive Coaching is customized to your needs as an individual leader in the context of your role and organization, and delivered to professionally accredited standards.

Senior women leadership coaching

As a female leader you do not have different development needs from men, but you do have different contexts. As a senior woman you are frequently in a minority which can feel isolating. There may be very few, if any, role models at your level, and even less at the next level up. You often have fewer opportunities for informal mentoring and feedback. In addition, self-awareness sometimes becomes harder to tap into when you are in a distinct minority. 

Our specialist coaches are experienced in supporting and challenging female leaders and can work with you to further increase your effectiveness and confidence.

Top Talent coaching

The most talented people in your organization are an asset. Preparing them for their next role ensures their performance is at an optimal level. Coaching prepares people for future roles and ensures that they ‘hit the ground running’. Offering coaching is a clear signal that you value them and are ready to support them through their transition to being your top leaders of tomorrow.

Coaching provides a confidential forum in which key people can consider the roles where they add greatest value. It has a significant impact on the motivation and development of your leaders, making it more likely that they will stay with your organization.

Transition coaching

Transition coaching supports senior managers during periods of transition and change.

When leading change, you will have your own needs to meet and you will be more effective if you are able to pay attention to these needs within the transition. But this often get lost in the complexities of supporting everyone else through the process.   

The time to think through the implications of change for yourself, or think more creatively about how to deal with unforeseen difficulties is often in short supply. Transition coaching supports you as a senior manager on a short-term basis. Our coaches have extensive experience of working with organizations and individuals experiencing change and can support you during these crucial transition periods.

Board level executive coaching

Working at board level usually involves a huge workload, and there is rarely time to explore issues in depth. At this level, there are far fewer people in the organization with whom you can talk openly – the issues are often just too sensitive or complex.

Who can help you reflect on key questions about the future direction, the shape of your organization, your leadership and how it translates into everyday action? How do you explore ways you could lead more effectively?

Ashridge works with directors and chief executives on a fully confidential basis. The coaching explores your real concerns and issues. It focuses on goals and outcomes to ensure that there is a direct impact on your performance and the organization.

Our executive coaches, have extensive business experience and work with a wide range of business issues, as well as helping individuals improve their effectiveness.

Additionally, through team coaching and OD consultancy, Ashridge is uniquely placed to offer coaching to your board, functional or operational team. It can also help make your organization’s leadership community more impactful by developing a cross-organization coaching culture.

First 100 days coaching

Are you a senior executive new to your organization? Are you investing heavily in this process? Do you want to ensure that you are ‘up and running’ as fast as possible? Do you want to be in the best position to introduce change into the organization?

Or have you just been appointed internally to a board level position and are new to at working at this level? Are you making the transition from a specialist or functional role to an organizational role?

If so, you could benefit from proactive coaching support to help you think-through how to form effective relationships and identify the behavioral shifts required to ensure you are effective in your new role.