Executive team coaching

Organizations are most effective when they have a highly effective team accountable for the success of the business.

In high-performing teams all the relationships within the team work well, all members have a clear focus and understand their and their organization’s goals and needs.

Our executive coaches work with your senior teams to help you build effective relationships and understand the team dynamics. The aim of team coaching work is to enable your team to have higher quality conversations.  From good conversations come good ideas, decisions and direction.

We work with reality, observing and reviewing existing processes in your organization, such as in regular meetings and interactions. Transparent feedback enables your top teams to understand how the way they relate to each other helps or hinders effective working.

Through these reviews, our executive coaches support your teams to implement the recommended changes, combining this work with one-to-one executive coaching where helpful.

Find out more about how Ashridge develop teams through team coaching.

Board retreats

Sometimes it is necessary and useful to discuss challenges and opportunities outside your day-to-day environment. We design customized retreats for boards and leadership teams. The retreats are action-oriented and based around the unique issues that you face. They can lead to powerful results for you, your team and ultimately the organization.