Coaching and mentoring for organizational impact

Ashridge is both a consultancy and a business school. This enhances our focus on the impact of executive coaching on organizations, change, stability and performance.

Creating a coaching culture

Ashridge sees your organization as a set of complex internal and external relationships where the skills of listening, inquiry and exploration are fundamental.

In our experience the most successful organizations are those that have these skills embedded in their culture. Part of Ashridge’s coaching mission is to help you develop these skills in your organization.

Embedding a coaching culture

As subject-matter experts and practitioners in coaching, culture and development, we can support your organization in embedding a coaching culture. Our research shows that real cultural change comes from a combination of both ‘bottom up’ and ‘top down’ – “leading and learning” (Binney and Williams, 1996). In other words, when leaders coach their teams, coaching is actively modeled at the top which has a cascade effect and helps people in the organization to develop their own skills as coaches.

Developing internal coaches

Our respected Coaching for Organization Consultants program can be customized to your organization’s requirements for developing coaching capability internally. This can be combined with the Ashridge accreditation process.

Successful internal coaches need the same levels of support as those working outside your organization. Ashridge can also provide coaching supervision processes to support and facilitate your coaches’ on-going learning.

Business mentoring

Mentoring is about paying attention and responding to the needs of others. It also seeks to establish a values base in others.

Your senior managers can be an untapped resource for people with less experience. Introducing a business mentoring system in your organization facilitates knowledge-sharing and ensures that your organization sustains the threads of success and keeps the DNA alive. Mentoring is a two-way relationship which benefits both the mentor and the mentee.  We can help you introduce, select and develop business mentors to ensure that you achieve maximum results.

The future importance of mentoring is underpinned by research we conducted with the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business. A new leadership model for the next generation of executives has emerged, entitled Stewardship.

This is a form of leadership that focuses on others, the community and society at large.  Until recently, the stewardship model has remained relatively undeveloped. The nine dimensions of steward leadership identified in the research are: personal mastery; personal vision; valuing diversity; shared vision; risk-taking and experimentation; vulnerability and maturity; raising awareness; delivering results and mentoring. 

Coaching Supervision

On-going supervision is a vital way to maintain and grow the quality of individual coaches both externally and internally. We offer both individual supervision by one of our experienced coaches, and also supervision groups.

Supervision is intended to be:

  • Formative - Developing skills, learning from others and expanding practice
  • Normative - Establishing and reinforcing best practice across the group of Ashridge accredited coaches and becoming a community of best practice
  • Restorative - Supporting coaches to enable them to work with very difficult issues and with their own and their clients’ anxiety.

Participants in supervision groups benefit by gaining more coaching experience and learning from direct observation and feedback.