Specialist Coaching for Non-Executive Directors

Ashridge is recognized worldwide as a center of excellence in executive coaching. We believe executive coaching is a significant and powerful contributor to addressing organizational change and talent development goals. It is a key approach through which leadership in complex and dynamic organizations can be developed using real-life challenges.

Our work with Top Leaders includes Board level facilitation, first 180 days and senior women’s coaching. 

The challenges facing Non-Executive Directors and how executive coaching can help

A Non-Executive Director’s role is a complex and challenging one. Whether sitting on the Board of a large multinational, a public sector body or an SME, you will be dealing with both strategic and political dilemmas. A non-executive directive will be expected to connect with Board members and also those within the wider organization; seeking ways to really understand the business risks and opportunities. Good communication skills and positive relationships are just as important as being well informed about the business. Managing your workload and being able to increase your commitment when the company is undergoing a period of particularly increased activity, such as an acquisition or takeover, is vital to a non-executive director.

Our work with Non-Executive Directors 

Are you new to your organization? Are you investing heavily in this process? Do you want to ensure that you are up and running as fast as possible? Would you like support in making sense of the Board and your role? Do you need help managing and interpreting first impressions? Do you want to make sense of the culture and politics?

Or have you been working with your board for some time and are seeking experienced external support and challenge in order to unlock frustrations and blockages? Do you want to explore new personal strategies for effective working with your CEO and other board members? Or do you simply want a thought partner with whom to reflect on sensitive or complex issues?

If so, you could benefit from Ashridge’s executive coaching. Our business focused accredited coaches can help you think through how to form effective relationships at this senior level and identify the behavioral shifts required to ensure you have impact in your Non-Executive Director role.

Ashridge works with Chief Executives, Directors and Non-Executive Directors on a completely confidential basis. The coaching explores your real concerns and issues. It focuses on goals and outcomes to ensure that there is a direct impact on your performance and that of the Board. Our executive coaches have extensive business experience and work with a wide range of organizational issues, as well as helping individuals improve their effectiveness.

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We offer

Executive coaching for Non-Executive Directors (NEDs)
  • For established NEDs seeking to optimize their impact and influence
  • Transition coaching in the first 180 days for those taking up new NED positions
We can offer a bespoke package of coaching to suit location and need, including some or all of the following:
  • Face to face and/or virtual coaching sessions
  • Telephone coaching and ad hoc calls
  • Shadowing or accompanying visits
  • Qualitative 360 review on personal impact

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