Follow-up to ensure sustainable change

Your customized program continues long after delivery with a clear plan for follow-up to ensure your participants and organization have achieved their objectives, and that your program has real impact.

Impact back in the workplace 

Evaluation, measurement, and how best to support participants in applying their learning are always built in at program design stage. Our research into learning transfer means that we always:
  • Assess individual learning preferences for absorbing program content
  • Brief line managers on the role they play in supporting participants
  • Advise on the work environment to which participants return to enable optimum learning transfer
  • Support participants on how to cascade learning back into the organization
  • Offer Kirkpatrick levels of evaluation

Ensuring learning is relevant and real

Each of our customized programs aims to ‘make learning stick’. In order to maximize the impact of each program back at the workplace, we:

  • Enable participants to cascade the learning and pass it onto their teams
  • Use personal action plans as powerful mechanisms for ensuring change happens
  • Place strong emphasis on interaction and practical application to maximize engagement and to make the experience memorable
  • Build time into the program for reflection

"In terms of the impact, we are creating leaders for the long term. Our participants are having a learning experience that adds value personally and professionally. Not only is it very motivational, but also people have an opportunity to solve vexing business problems. Most importantly it is enhancing the excellence of our leaders and developing our talent pipeline, so crucial for business growth."

Samantha Rockey, European L&D Manager, SABMiller Plc

Continuing the learning with Virtual Ashridge

Virtual Ashridge is an award-winning collection of online materials, created by Ashridge faculty and consultants. It is a powerful way of supporting the overall program outcomes. Continuous personal development at a time and pace that is best for each participant means that learning transfer takes place in real time, wherever your participants are.


Ongoing coaching

We believe coaching is a significant and powerful contributor to addressing organizational change and talent development goals. Many of our programs include recommendations for one-to-one or group coaching as we have found that this has a significant impact on the motivation and development of your individuals and ensures that participants reach their development goals. Our coaches are all Ashridge-accredited to ensure quality and consistency.