Creating programs that meet your needs

We work in partnership with you to design the right program to address your organization's needs. We do this in four stages: (1) the crucial design phase to ensure we meet your objectives and deliver the desired results; (2) pre-program prepartation so participants are readied and engaged; (3) impactful program delivery; and (4) clear follow-up to ensure the program leads to sustained change. 

Program Design

Our first priority is to bring together a dedicated program team who will work closely with you to identify and understand your organization’s needs and strategic objectives. This first step is crucial so that together, we can agree what success looks like and how to evaluate and measure that success.

One of the advantages of working with Ashridge is access to a wealth of faculty expertise. They design and facilitate programs tailored to your focus, future direction and unique challenges.

Determining who, how, and when

Through a thorough diagnosis of your needs and people, we design a program that will target who you want to develop, how, and when, so that it is the most effective for your organization. This includes site visits to understand culture; establishing a sense of joint responsibility for the program; feeding back emerging themes to the program team; and agreeing priorities and the overall design.

A wide range of formats for learning

We are pragmatic in our approach and flexible in our offering. No matter what your needs, we work closely with you to identify and design the perfect program.

A blended approach may work best when bringing together a group of globally dispersed executives; a modular program allows participants to go much deeper into their personal goals and action plans and apply what they have learnt between modules. 

Solutions may well include virtual elements, executive coaching, action learning, and workplace development challenges.

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Pre-program Preparation

Psychometric tools help take stock

Self-awareness is one of the key features of learning during an Ashridge program. It is an incredibly powerful take-away for any participant who can bring a better understanding of themselves to make changes where necessary. We often use psychometrics (specialized questionnaires, tests, and personality surveys) to help participants understand their strengths and areas for development before the program begins. The Ashridge Inventory of Management Skills 360° can be customized to your organization’s competency framework.

Access to virtual resources for pre-program preparation

Before your program begins, we often give participants access to Virtual Ashridge—an award-winning collection of online materials, created by Ashridge faculty. It is a powerful way of supporting the overall program outcomes. It complements any face-to-face program delivery and allows participants to delve deeper into areas of interest.

Strategic workplace projects

Embedding the learning from your program can be greatly enhanced when participants work on real projects initiated and sponsored by senior leaders in your organization. They not only provide real commercial value and insight, but also ensure buy-in from the very top and give programs relevance and urgency.

Your Customized Program

Your customized program will be designed from scratch and will have the right combination of academic theory, experiential learning, and practical application, delivered by faculty with extensive business and consulting experience.

We are specialists in experiential learning

Our programs are designed to be pragmatic—they are underpinned by theory but involve plenty of opportunity for experimentation. This is essential to ensure participants develop ‘muscle memory’ so that they have the confidence to make changes back at work. Our programs allow time for both individual and group reflection to deepen the learning. We make participants accountable for their own development experience as well as how this translates back into their daily roles.

Integrated learning

We believe in the power of integrated learning as it simulates real life more accurately. Our faculty work as a team, building a consistent organizational red thread of learning through all your program sessions. We firmly root all the sessions in the context and reality of the participants and the organization.

A typical session might include:

  • Academic theory: Exploration of models related to the topic area—these interactive sessions are designed to be relevant, engaging, and enjoyable
  • Team/group-based exercise: To bring the models to life and allow participants to experiment with them, followed by a debrief from the tutor
  • Debrief: Faculty-led, this ensures that the relevance to your business environment is maintained and that full value is derived for the participants and, ultimately, for your organization
  • Close: This part of the session is devoted to answering the questions: “How does your own organization do this?” “How does this happen in your organization?” Faculty help identify the themes and apply the principles discovered throughout the session
  • Follow-up: Continuing the learning