Custom programs with proven impact

Ashridge’s award-winning custom programs focus on helping organizations, teams and individuals achieve their ambitions to be the best that they can be. We will work alongside you to co-create challenging, inspiring and energizing learning and development with a focus on sustainable learning transfer, behavioral change and organizational impact. 

Your custom program will benefit from a breadth of business expertise and research-based content, drawing on Ashridge’s unique combination of centers of excellence in leadership, change, organizational development, strategy and innovation. When working together, we will help address your unique challenges, actively engage your target audience and invest time in really understanding your business context. 

Custom programs at Ashridge

In terms of delivery, Ashridge’s multi-national faculty, consultants and coaches draw on our virtual, experiential and action learning teams to design innovative approaches to executive development. We work with each client to design a custom solution to address a particular strategic need or to strengthen organizational talent. Around 70% of Ashridge’s work is delivered outside of the UK. 

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Real World Experience

Real-world experience

Ashridge works with hundreds of international organizations every year and has decades of expertise in co-creating custom learning, development and change interventions.

You may simply want a short-term solution, such as a customized open program. Alternatively, you may be looking to invest in a strategic relationship to deliver a multi-layered change program. This may consist of programmatic, virtual and action learning, consulting, coaching, bespoke psychometric interventions and, where relevant, accreditation or custom qualifications. We are pragmatic in our approach and flexible in our offering.

Through Ashridge you can access an international business network and action-based research to ensure applied learning from a real world perspective.

Design approach

Real World Wisdom

Real-world wisdom

The Ashridge philosophy is to understand and work alongside you. Ashridge’s faculty members, consultants and coaches have strong academic credentials and have had successful careers in international business. They have grappled with similar issues to you. They also retain an active interest in the commercial world through non-executive directorships, research and consultancy. You will therefore find them to be invaluable sounding boards, educators and facilitators to help you address your organizational challenges.

Ashridge has a large permanent faculty dedicated to delivering your customized program. 

For examples of our innovative custom programs, please visit our case studies page. 

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Real World Impact

Real-world impact

The value of a custom program is the impact it has on your organization, team or individual’s learning and behavior. We focus on results and impact. We design processes and content which link learning to action. We know that the program absolutely must have a significant impact on your organization and your people. This is why Ashridge’s practical, application-based approach is so valued by our clients. As a fundamental principle, at Ashridge you can expect more time dedicated to experience and application than input. 

Ultimately, that’s why clients choose Ashridge and why 75% of our business is repeat business.

Learning transfer

“If you are looking for a customized program that can be fully tailored to your organization needs, Ashridge is the perfect partner. As a team focused on innovation and strategy, we were looking for both an immediate impact and a long lasting effect for us and for Airbus Group. Their faculty members are incredibly experienced and they have a great ability to listen and translate your own ideas into actions. Oh, and if you want a change of scenario, their facilities are absolutely amazing.”

Clarisa Doval, Director of Corporate Strategy, Airbus Group